Everything in my life went crazy since I last blogged. If this isn’t the place to list my grievances, I don’t know where else to do it! I gave my boss my surgery date. About a month later, I was called into the office with her and the HR guy and fired. It seems as… More Ch-ch-changes

Is this thing on?

I’ve had this note on my whiteboard for the past three months that just says “blog.” I guess it’s time to do something about that, so here I am. I always say I want to write more regularly, but I can’t ever make myself do it, especially now that school is over.┬áHere’s the thing, though.… More Is this thing on?


Well, friends. I finally did it. I went an entire month without writing anything at all. It wasn’t intentional, but it happened. I have ideas for this blog. Big ones. Ones that’ll work best when my life isn’t chaotic. Until then, let’s call a hiatus. It’s not you. It’s certainly me. In the meantime, here… More Hiatus.

Whole 30 Wrap-up.

First: Apologies to Facebook friends, because I haven’t shut up about this damn thing since I started it, and I’m going to post this blog in just a second, so you’ll be seeing this as the preview. Okay. So, I did it. I finished the Whole 30. 30 days without the three best friends that… More Whole 30 Wrap-up.

Whole 30, Day 1.

So, I did it. I made it the first day of this whole crazy thing and I only somewhat want to throw myself face-first into a giant calzone. I have 29 days left of this, and I’m already ready to scream if I see another egg. Ugh. I honestly can’t think of one thing Whole… More Whole 30, Day 1.