Preop Diet Day 7

One week down, one week to go. If you can’t handle poop talk, it’s best to click away now. I suggest Free Code Camp. Or InternetIsBeautiful. Okay. So. To review, my pre-op diet is 3-4 high protein shakes a day, plus a small dinner that includes protein and veggies. And all the water I can… More Preop Diet Day 7

Preop Diet Day 1.

Two weeks from now, my guts will have been rearranged and I’ll probably be miserable. Yikes. Today, though, is my first day on the gastric bypass pre-op diet, which is 3-4 protein shakes and a small dinner (think one chicken breast and a side of veggeis) for the next two weeks. I’m not mad about… More Preop Diet Day 1.


Everything in my life went crazy since I last blogged. If this isn’t the place to list my grievances, I don’t know where else to do it! I gave my boss my surgery date. About a month later, I was called into the office with her and the HR guy and fired. It seems as… More Ch-ch-changes

Is this thing on?

I’ve had this note on my whiteboard for the past three months that just says “blog.” I guess it’s time to do something about that, so here I am. I always say I want to write more regularly, but I can’t ever make myself do it, especially now that school is over.┬áHere’s the thing, though.… More Is this thing on?


Well, friends. I finally did it. I went an entire month without writing anything at all. It wasn’t intentional, but it happened. I have ideas for this blog. Big ones. Ones that’ll work best when my life isn’t chaotic. Until then, let’s call a hiatus. It’s not you. It’s certainly me. In the meantime, here… More Hiatus.

Whole 30 Wrap-up.

First: Apologies to Facebook friends, because I haven’t shut up about this damn thing since I started it, and I’m going to post this blog in just a second, so you’ll be seeing this as the preview. Okay. So, I did it. I finished the Whole 30. 30 days without the three best friends that… More Whole 30 Wrap-up.