13 things I’ve learned in 13lbs.

Starting: 303.9
Last week: 289.2
This week: 290.2
Weekly total: +1.0
Overall Total: -13.4

Okay, so. I’m not going to lie. It was pretty embarrassing to get my 16 week charm at Weight Watchers without having the 10% loss keychain to put it on. I guess most people are capable of losing 10% of their weight in sixteen weeks. Not this girl. It’s whatever now, but I felt like a moron. I gained a pound. I’m trying not to be annoyed. Those blisters I got on my heels over a week ago? Yeah, they still hurt. I’ve tried everything and I still can’t put my feet in shoes with backs on them. I tried walking in Crocs the other day. No bueno on the trail. Rocks everywhere. I’d rather be barefoot.

Who wants a progress picture? I know the original one is a bit bigger, but there’s nothing I can do about it now. haha. Picture on the right is from the night I started weight watchers. Picture on the left is from today. Yeah, I know. They should be on opposite sides. Get over it.

Anyway, I like lists. Because I like lists, here’s 13 things I’ve learned after losing 13lbs.

1. The Biggest Loser is not real life. They can lose 10+lbs a week because they don’t have a job and they work out 10 hours a day. It is not realistic to expect to lose like they do.

2. Nothing can justify drinking a pumpkin spice latte twice a day. Not even the fact that I can afford it.

3. There’s no secret to weight loss. It’s burning more calories than you take in. Simple in words, hard in practice.

4. Having a desk job means having to work out twice as much as having a stand up job, so find something you like to do for exercise.

5. Beto from Zumba is still the creepiest video trainer this side of Susan Powter.

6. Setting little goals rather than big goals is the best way to go. Nothing is more disheartening than realizing your big goal is still 150lbs away. I’m currently 2 away from my 5% goal. 17 away from 10%. Maybe I’ll get that keychain before the end of the year.

7. Tracking my food is the best way for me to realize what I’m eating. I didn’t do that for over half of the week. This is where I messed up. 25 years of eating just to eat will mess you up.

8. Blogging buddies! Becki just started one and I’m really excited about it. I also read a bunch of other blogs that keep me going. These are my favorites.

9. Always have a back up plan when it comes to exercise. Ever since I ripped my heels off last week, I’ve had to do things that don’t really require me to wear shoes. Basically, just dvds. I bought Bob Harper’s Inside Out Method strength DVD. It’s brutal. I love it. I’ve been alternating that with BL Last Chance Workout and Zumba Live!, which is my favorite Zumba because Beto doesn’t talk as much.

10. Tell people what you’re doing. I had almost 50 hits on this blog the night I posted it on Facebook. Before that I think I had maybe two. ha. It’s a little unnerving knowing everyone can know my business, but it’s something I need to do.

11. Don’t take too many days off in between working out or you will have to start over. Seriously. I’m not looking forward to getting back on the trail after not being on it all week. It’s going to be brutal. Bob, Beto, and Jillian are keeping me in check but it’s really not the same.

12. Vegetables are not the enemy.

13. The best way to feel like a big hypocrite is writing a blog with weight loss tips/things learned while drinking a peppermint white mocha after eating a big hibachi lunch.

Here’s to the next 13.

Goals for the week:
Track food every day, every meal. Not just when I’m behaving.
Get back on the trail by Saturday.
Lose at least 1 pound by next Wednesday.
No lattes. Black coffee (It’s Anniversary Blend time at Starbucks. I’d kill for a free pound of it.) is okay.

Goals for the month:
Lose 4lbs
Track all food, all exercise.
Find a new activity besides walking/wogging and dvds.
Pack a lunch at least 3 times a week.

7 thoughts on “13 things I’ve learned in 13lbs.

  1. It could just be the light, but you look significantly smaller in the newer picture than in the older one. I wonder whether you’ve converted some fat to muscle, in which case you’ve actually done better than the total pound loss would suggest.

  2. I really like this list thing. good for you and the pounds you have lost. thats awesome! keep it up Pimpa! celebrate the little victories inbetween the large goals to keep yourself motivated and reward yourself with things you like: crochet hook, nail polish, black iced tea or flip flops. hehe. it can really help you feel good about your goals and yourself. I am on a journey of weight loss too and i have 21 more pounds to go. I would love to blog but i dont think i have the time. talk to you soon.

  3. I’m really proud of you Sierra! I am also trying to lose weight and have slacked off- but reading your blog has motivated me to create a blog to keep track AND to press on, suck it up, and just lose that weight!

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