Just keep swimming.

Starting: 303.9
Last week: 290.2
This week: 291.0
Weekly total: +.9
Overall Total: -12.9

Yay. Another gain.

After a week of eating terribly and only working out once, I was expecting a lot more, so I guess I shouldn’t be mad. I’m trying to think positive, which, as anyone who knows me knows, isn’t the easiest thing for me.

I was looking at my tracking things on WW and my average weight loss is +.7lb.  For real? I’m a moron. I’ve been making weekly goals ever since I started Dubs in May and I’ve yet to have a week where I actually meet them.  Ughh.

Okay. Enough whining. I’m writing this damn blog even though I don’t want to.

Good things:

1. As of yesterday, I can actually put my feet back in shoes without any pain. I walked 2 miles yesterday and it was quite lovely. I’m doing it again in a few hours (it’s much too warm right now. I can’t believe I’m saying 75 is too warm. haha.) and again tomorrow morning. I’d like to get my time down below 30 minutes for two miles by the end of the month, then start walking a complete 5k in October. We’ll see.

2. I found a meal at Moe’s that doesn’t use too many points! An Alfredo Garcia (sans tortillas. I always rip everything out of my burritos, anyway) with steak, onions, mushrooms, pico, and lettuce (it’s only missing cheese) is only 3.5 points. Compared to the usual 14 I spend on a Joey burrito, this is wonderful.

3. I haven’t bit my nails in about a month. Mari would be very proud.

4. I’m never eating bacon again. I had a bad run in with it today. My grandma didn’t tell me the bacon that was on the stove had been soaking with some green beans for hours and I ate a piece. It tasted a lot like how you’d imagine bacon soaking in water for hours would taste. Oh my God. I’m going to throw up just thinking about it.

5. My cousin is getting married on Saturday and I had to buy an outfit today. I actually had fun trying on clothes for the first time since I was maybe 5.

6. Despite the gain today, I lost 4.9 inches total from my butt, waist, arm, and thigh. AND I managed to squeeze myself into the next size down in jeans today, but they were way too tight. I was just excited to get them closed.

7. BSB’s The Call is my new favorite song to walk to. My playlist is pretty phenomenal. I’m always looking for more suggestions, though.

Okay. For real. I’m done being the fat kid. I’m done gaining weight ever damn week and getting that pity look from the receptionist. I”m done with all of it. Probably not done making lists, though. I apparently default to that with just about any blog I ever post. haha.

I’m not making any goals for this week other than eating better and working out more. Hopefully, I actually lose something this week.

I’m also going to try to update this blog more than just on weigh in days. I don’t know what else to update it with, though. If anyone has any ideas, I am open. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Just keep swimming.

  1. If you’re losing inches, you’re probably converting fat to muscle.

    Also, I’m not sure I could do better than 30 min for 2 miles.

  2. Your disappointment in yourself just drips from this post and I just want to reach through your computer and hug you. Give yourself credit for the consciousness. for moving more. for sharing your story.

    0.7 lbs/week average = 35lbs a year. How much would you have GAINED in that year if you hadn’t started this journey towards wellness. Be kind to yourself and celebrate victories of every size. MWAH!

  3. Oh man, I have been there. I remember the scale issues with ol WW (I call it Dubya Dubya or Wuh Wuh…both not good ways to think of it). Weeks going without earning a 5 pound star…reaching 10% taking so much darn time..blah blah. I know you’re disappointed. The big thing is, stick with it! You are losing and working towards goals…so much better than saying the heck with it and having more to lose the next time you get motivated. I’ve done that in the past until the scale or a picture freaks me out again. Celebrate what you have accomplished! Most people who start WW don’t even make it 16 weeks. Keep your chin up, and just keep moving.

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