Things I Learned Friday

Things I Learned Friday – Lunch Edition

Actually, I’m the mayor of Panera AND Starbucks,

I’ve decided to do a weekly feature of sorts on what I’ve learned over the week. Why? I like lists. Especially when I get to make them all the time. ha. Without further ado, here’s my first Things I Learned Friday, focusing on my lunchtime exploits:

1. I don’t like chickpeas. I put some on my salad at lunch. Big mistake. How come no one ever told me about the gross skin thing they have on them that are just begging to get caught in my throat?
2. I can eat over a pound of healthyhealthy salad for half a point. I don’t like salad dressing (I do prefer the term salad sauce, though.)  and prefer my salad to be as plain as possible. Also, I hate ranch dressing more than I hate that bacon tea. For real. Anyway, I just had the best salad at lunch. Except for those godawful chickpeas.
3. Eating a bagel for breakfast and one for lunch will make you look like a bagel. Except the hole in your middle is not empty. You probably have bellybutton lint. Unless you happen to have two rolls that meet right along your bellybutton like me. I don’t get bellybutton lint because my shirts never touch it. I’m a winner.
4. Telling yourself, “I’ll just drink plain black coffee at Starbucks” doesn’t work. Pretty soon you’re wielding your gold card powers to get free milks and syrups in it and you then have a 8 point latte. I know. I did this like six times this week.
5. A dark chocolate bar (I’m talking like 88% cacao at the least. Anything less isn’t worth eating) is over 400 calories. If you’re gonna have one, don’t eat lunch and make sure it’s some high quality chocolate. None of that sissy milk chocolate bullshit.
I learned number five after my big salad. Sure, I could have eaten it, but my best cousin in the world is buying me hibachi for dinner. I settled on a “100 calorie brownie!!!” bar I found in the organics section instead. I’ll eat anything chocolate that happens to be 2 points, but I was scared to try it. (I did eventually eat it, though) I took a bunch of pictures on my phone and everything. I’ll do a review of it at some point.
Okay. El fin. What have you learned this week?

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