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Losing weight isn’t hard.

Starting: 303.9
Last week: 290.8
This week: 291.0
Weekly total: +.2
Overall Total: -13.1

I gained what I lost last week and that’s okay. I say that a lot, but it really is. I ate okay but I haven’t worked out all week. My new schedule at work pretty much ruined my walking schedule since I go in so early now. I can’t use that as an excuse, though, because I’m done by 4:30 and have plenty of time to walk. My job is hardly strenuous so I can’t say that I’m just too tired. It’s whatever. I’ll work on it this week.

Tonight at Weight Watchers, we had a Success Live (or something like that) shindig. Seven Lifetime members gave their stories about how they lost the weight and kept it off. I teared up twice. It was bad. (For the Dubs uneducated, a Lifetime member is someone who hit their goal weight and kept it off for x-months. I forget the actual number.)  One of the ladies said something along the lines of:

“You know, I hear a lot of people say ‘I can’t do Weight Watchers. It’s so hard to write everything down and make time to work out!’ You know what’s hard? Not being able to walk up the steps without being winded. Being scared to get on a ride at an amusement park because you’re afraid you might not fit and you’ll have to get off and look stupid. Having to pay for two seats when you want to fly somewhere. That’s what’s hard. Writing down your food and working out is nothing.”


Why’d she have to say that just when I had been whining about how hard all of this is to myself all day long?


I had my first ever caffeine withdraw headache today. I’ve been drinking lots of (and only) water for the past few days. I had a throbbing headache by nine this morning. I caved and had the most wonderful soy dirty chai at lunch. I’ll drink my points if I wanna and I’ll leave my friends behind.

I also took my lunch to work today. It was mostly a fail. I made a turkey and swiss wrap with the Flat Out wraps my mother bought me. It was too dry and I couldn’t make myself eat it. My pretzels and WW cream cheese was spectacular, as usual. Not very substantial, though. It’s certainly cheaper than eating at Panera/Quiznos, but not nearly as tasty.

If there’s anyone out there who still reads this (and my stats page tells me there’s a few of you holding on), what would be good and healthy to take for my lunches? Please don’t tell me anything with chickpeas or bacon or I will be so very sad.


4 thoughts on “Losing weight isn’t hard.

  1. I make grilled chicken and portabella salads… I grill the chicken with garlic, salt and pepper, saute portabellas with balsamic vinegar and olive oil. I use baby spinach as the greens, cherry tomatoes, sharp cheddar cheese and croutons. If you cook the chicken and mushrooms up at the beginning of your week, creating the salads daily is pretty damn easy. and it’s so freaking tasty. ❤ keep it up lady. you make me want to continue as well 🙂

  2. I try to keep my lunches simple and bring a lot of snacks. I bring 28 almonds everyday. I eat 14 mid morning. At lunch I still the remaining 14 into a cup of weight watchers yogurt. Then I eat a piece of fruit. I also bring another piece of fruit for an afternoon snack! I think keeping it simple during the day take the focus off the food and helps me think of it as fuel. I save my creativity for dinner.

  3. I came over to return the blue tank top I borrowed…

    That lifetimer? (Dubs not Network TV Watcher). I would have punched her logical ass right in the throat.

    As for lunches? I eat 1/2 a bag of steamed veggies (the ones with cheese still come out to only 2 points for the 1/2 bag). Then I just store the other 1/2 in the work fridge with a rubber band and reheat the next day. Also, I consume a Lean Cuisine junkie. I like the Paninis and Pizzas and they’re magical plate that makes shit toasty and crispy.

    For snacks? I love the tubs of cotton candy you can find at Walmart around holidays. The Halloween ones should be out now, woot! They’re only 2 freakin points for the whole tub. Almost better than sex.

  4. Heya! I’m trying to make my lunches too… Sigh… I don’t know why it’s such a pain in the ass.

    Anyhoo – I’ve been eating leftover veggies/chicken over spinach. And I’m not talking boring veggies/chicken – I’m talking TASTY with newly discovered herbs and stuff (wait, did I just write that?).

    My other favorite – ok – don’t think I’m a nut… I’ve been making chicken salad (I’m an assembler, so don’t ask for quantities). Chicken + greek yogurt + a smidge of mayo + apples + walnuts + tarragon – MMMMMMMM! Make a wrap, eat it straight, or throw it on a “salad” (sigh). My only tip? Mix the yogurt, mayo & tarragon first to taste before mixing it in with the rest.

    Keep us posted!

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