Hello, October.

Holy shit. It’s really October already? I had the hardest time writing 10-1-10 on things at work. I must have done it at least a hundred times and never quite managed to do it perfectly.

I also realized today that the area I live in isn’t all that great, but it’s ridiculously beautiful this time of year. Pretty soon it’s going to be time for my favorite Satanic holiday. I think I’m going to go as Snooki. And maybe pick up some suppressed children who aren’t allowed to celebrate the best day of the year and take them trick or treating. Kidnapping is against the law, though. Sad.

I finally packed a substantial lunch today. In my wonderful-cheapo-lunchbox-from-WalMart-clearance-aisle, I packed a pepper turkey (my faaavorite) and swiss on one of those fancy flat round bread things, a whole bunch of the best grapes I’ve ever eaten in my life, an apple, a new brand of Greek yogurt (that was really blah), and a delicious fat-free tapioca pudding. I don’t remember how many points there were, but it wasn’t as many as I usually eat at Panera or Quiznos. I’m excited to see what I can come up with on Monday and Tuesday. I’m going on a Georgia vacation for a few days this week and I have a bad feeling about what I’m going to be eating. ha. It’ll be worth it.

Anyway, on to the weight loss things.

I just signed up for healthmonth.com and I’m excited. Basically, you pick goals (keep it three and under if you don’t want to pay for it) to work on all month and you then check in every day to say how you did. For every goal you break, you lose one of your ten life points. I believe if you have at least one life point left at the end of the month, you get a Foursquare badge. I’m a Foursquare junkie, so that totally appeals to me. My three goals

1. Exercise 30 minutes 6 days a week.

2. Drink at least 25 glasses of water per month (I just now noticed how much of a cheat goal that is. ha.)

3. Bring lunch to work 5 days a week.

Yeah, I’m on a bringing my lunch to work kick. I wonder how long that’ll last. I have major diet/exercise ADD.

I bought Leslie Sansone’s Walk At Home 5 mile dvd. I didn’t think it’d be that hard. It is. And it makes my hips hurt. I’m an old lady. I probably have massive gray hair and everything but I don’t know it because of my hairdye addiction. 😦 Anyway, I can only get through two miles of it. I’m hoping to work up to the third mile by Monday.

The 5th mile workout is currently playing in the background. Leslie is kind of reminding me of Sarah Palin. I don’t think I can do this any more.

Tomorrow will be the first time I’ve been able to walk outside all week. I really can’t wait. I’m even waking up early for it. It’s a big deal.

Okay. Thirty minutes until the first day of the month is over. My other goals for October are as follows:

1. Lose 5lbs this month.

2. Meet new blogger friends! Karen of RNTGirl isn’t included because she posted this terrible picture of me.

3. Attend four Weight Watchers meetings. (I always skip out on them.)

Here we go, October. You’ve always been my favorite month. Don’t disappoint me. Or else.


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