Hey, there.

This has nothing to do anything.

I didn’t go to Weight Watchers this week. I didn’t have a car until yesterday and just didn’t feel like making any of my wonderful chauffeurs wait on me while I went to a meeting. I don’t see a point to weighing in if you’re not going to a meeting. The meetings are *such* a big part of the program. I don’t know how I used to skip them.

Anyway. I’m debating not going back to Weight Watchers, anyway. Since The Accident happened, I’ve had to buy a new car which comes with a nice big payment every month. So. My mom offered to pay for me to go. I don’t know what to do there. I’ve been using Sparkpeople again. I really love that site.

The number one thing I tell people who ask me about how they should start losing weight (the whole, like, two who have, at least. I never said I was a role model. haha.) is to sign up for SparkPeople. Not only is it a fantastic way to track your food and exercise, but there’s a great community of people. Literally thousands (if not millions) of people who are trying to lose weight or have already lost it are there willing to support and help you. I love it. I actually started blogging over there months before I moved to WordPress and met lots of really fantastic people that way.

I found some really ridiculous Tae-Bo dvds I must have bought in high school. I’m excited to do them, especially now that every single bone in my body doesn’t hurt. However, this recliner is really comfortable and my dog is sleeping on my leg. I don’t want to get up and get her mad at me. She’s an attack dog, you know.

I think I should have my own reality show about losing weight. No joke. I’d be more motivated to do it and I’m already way more entertaining than most of the fatties they put on television. This will never happen because I refuse to whine and cry about being fat or feel bad for myself for any reason. No network would know what to do with a confident fat girl.

Bailey Francesca - The definition of "fierce."

I just ate a stromboli just so I can convince myself that I’m allowed to eat them. I eat a lot more on the healthy side these days and I was missing my all-time favorite food, so I called up the local pizza place and ordered a small one (I used to be able to put away a large and not even think about it.) and ate it. There. I don’t even feel guilty. Take that, Jillian Michaels. I refuse to feel guilty about eating something I like. I just know I have to actually get up and do Tae Bo (or that annoying Walk-At-Home lady’s dvd, or Bob Harper’s death-by-yoga dvd or whomever.) and get on with it.

Major achievement of the week:

I found a pair of pants from high school. They’re a size 22. I’ve worn a 28 for the past few years. I can get the 22s all the way on but not quite button them. I’m excited. I should probably try them again when my front-butt isn’t super swollen and bruise-y. I might actually be able to get them closed. I also bought three pairs of work pants (I had two. I ripped the knee out of one of them in The Accident. Bummer.) that were 24s. Win.

My goal for the week is to figure out a better workout schedule now that I work all early shifts at work (except for one day a week. 7:30a-6p. Kill me.) and can get home before the sun goes down. Walking is back in the running (ha.) for working out but the area I live in is about to turn into a tundra in a few weeks, so I need to have back-ups. Hm.

I swear, I have plans to blog more. I really do. It’s such a good outlet for me. I don’t even care if a lot of people read it (but apparently four people do on Google reader. Identify yourselves!)

Lastly, I’m in love with Russell Brand. I really am. I thought he was a twit when I first saw him on the VMAs (I’m such an American.) a few years ago. I’m currently reading his autobiography and the guy is brilliant. Really. I want to sit down and have tea with him one day. I assume he likes tea since he’s British and all. I’d also like to have his babies, but I’m afraid Katy would beat me up. Sigh.


5 thoughts on “Hey, there.

  1. Hey chick! I follow ur blog. We are friends on spark. I really think you should take ur mom up on that offer. It is great that she believes in you enough to support you in WW. Anyway have a great weekend! Happy Halloween.

  2. Dropping two sizes is a significant achievement. Plus, I know a lot of stores go up to size 24, so this probably opens up a lot of options clothing-wise.

    1. Really? Maybe that’s a Canadian thing. I can’t find clothes that size anywhere but stores like Lane Bryant. We used to have a Torrid around here (two, actually) and they closed down both of them. Depressing.

      My ideal would be being able to fit into clothes from ModCloth. I love dressing librarian-chic. For real.

      1. I meant plus-size stores…my understanding was that some of them are sizes 14-24.

        Plus-size clothing selection in Canada is worse than in the U.S. We don’t have Lane Bryant or Torrid.

        ModCloth sizing is pretty ridiculous. Looking at their dress measurements, I’m not sure whether I’d be a small or a medium in a lot of them, and most of them only go up to large.

  3. I’m reading! Congrats on dropping some sizes. I usually don’t have a problem finding size 24 in most places. But finding options that are cute and flattering? That’s a bit tougher.

    To stick with WW or not? If someone paid my dues and I had a leader or meeting I loved, I would stick with it. I have been having success on my own this time with counting calories. I keep on forgetting about SparkPeople. I used to participate in the boards there quite a bit. I will have to check it out again.

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