I’m not ready for you, November.

I had to scrape ice off of my car this morning, even after letting my car run for ten minutes. Then, on the trek down the hill to work, I nearly fell on the iced-over grass. I don’t know how I’m going to deal with winters up here. I miss the South, only for warm winter.

I made these ridiculous delicious cinnamon rolls yesterday. They’re life changers. I’m not kidding. I don’t know how many calories or anything are in each of them and I really don’t care. I’ve probably had six or seven in the past 24 hours. I’m not even mad.

I did pretty well for Halloween. I only got a few pieces of candy, and those were from some of the grown ups I delivered hot cinnamon rolls to. (It was really effing cold last night. I only lasted about 10 minutes handing out candy before I made my mother take over.) I ate two Kit-Kat bars (faaaavorite) and I still have a Twix left. Yum.

This morning I went back over my October posts. Remember when I made all those goals for the month? Yeah, let’s go over those.

1. Lose 5lbs. Status: Fail. I did lose 5lbs in one day, but I gained it back very fast. Overall, with all the gains and losses combined, I lost a whopping total of 1.8lbs. That’s downright depressing. I have no drive to workout after getting home for work. I really, really miss walking before my shift. I could do it now, but that would mean walking at 4am, when it’s the darkest and coldest part of the night. There are critters on the trail. Not happening.

2. Meet new blogger friends. Status: Eh. I started reading a few more blogs this month, but no new friends. This is mainly because I didn’t put any effort into finding any. I’m indifferent. This blog is for me. I don’t care if I make friends in the process. I swear too much for the fat-blog community, anyway. They can’t handle me.

3. Attend 4 Weight Watchers meetings. Status: Success.I missed a meeting last week, but October had five meetings. I really enjoy going to these. I really don’t know how I used to skip out on them.

Goals for November:

1. Lose 3lbs. Three. That’s not too bad. I could probably do this in a week if I wanted to. I just need to make time to exercise.

2. Blog an average of twice a week. I need this outlet. It’s helping me process my thoughts on this whole journey.

3. Attend three Weight Watchers meetings AND blog about them. Yes, this means I’m going back. My mother has offered to pay for me as long as I stay serious about it. They’re rolling out a new points system right after Thanksgiving and I hear it’s way better than what’s going on. I’m excited.

I should be weighing in on Wednesday. I’m debating on doing a Numberless November, but I’m afraid I’ll do terribly and just get really mad at myself at the end of the month. We shall see. I’ve been drinking crazy amounts of water for the past two weeks and, according to my way-off (off as in it tells me I weigh more than I do) scale, I haven’t gained much, if at all. I never really thought drinking water made much of a difference in weight loss, but it does. I feel a lot better.

There. The end. Do you have any goals for November? Any suggestions for how I can work out in the Tundra when it’s dark when I go to work and dark when I come home?

3 thoughts on “I’m not ready for you, November.

  1. I read your blog. Just the other day i said, i need to go back to weight watchers. it’s the ONLY thing that has ever worked for me when it comes to weight loss. I think maybe i’m afraid it won’t work because now I have others to feed and I can eat a lot of strange stuff on my own. ugh what to do what to do?!

  2. See, I feel like it’s not working because I don’t have time to make healthy food with my ridiculous work schedule =\ I’m excited for the new points system. I hear fruit and non-starchy vegetables are zero. That’s going to be awesome.

  3. do you have a WW insider or something? I have the time to make decisions but it’s hard when everyone else had such different food standards. I seriously need to get back on the dang wagon.

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