A month of blogging. – Day 2.

I just decided to do so. I’m going to blog every day this month (Inshallah – who knows how long I’ll keep up with it. ha.)  What should I talk about?

Here’s some random crap going through my head right now. James Joyce would be proud:

I made myself lunch for work last night on a whim. Rice, chicken breast, mushrooms, and a scrambled egg. Soy sauce. A little bit of sesame oil. Did you know one tbsp of sesame oil is 130 calories? I’m still not quite over it. It’s seriously my favorite.

God, I'm glad I'm not on Atkins.

It wasn’t that great when heated up at work. I’m still sad about it. I couldn’t make myself eat it. I was so hungry all day. I ate a million Twix and a bag of chips and I don’t even care. Then my sister and I went to Fridays and ate our weight in peanut butter pie.  I think I’m going back to Weight Watchers tomorrow. Whoops.

I was getting really annoyed with how stagnant my weight loss has been in the past month or so. I need to do this to put things into perspective for myself:

Since two years ago, I’ve lost 60lbs. Sixty.

I’m a baker. This analogy is about to blow my mind.

I’ve lost 236 sticks of butter.

Mind = blown.

I can’t even be mad about just losing a pound a month or anything. A pound is four sticks of butter.

It’s like someone took that butter and un-slathered it off of my ass.

That’s awesome.

I can also run (slowly, but run nonetheless) for a solid minute without feeling like I’m going to pass out.

This is amazing considering I used to feel pass-y out-y just going up the stairs some days just a month or two ago.

I feel gross and I’m probably never eating peanut butter pie again.

I don’t give a shit about the election or about voting. I still think Obama is a cutie and a wonderful man.

El fin. See you tomorrow, reader.

2 thoughts on “A month of blogging. – Day 2.

  1. 60lbs is a ton! Go you! For xmas/festivus/whatever I should buy you 236 sticks of butter so we can stack them like leggos to really understand exactly how much that really is.

    -> This is me being proud of you <-


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