Where’d my motivation go? Day 3.

My laptop charger kicked the bucket this morning and now I’m stuck using my iPad, which apparently has the correct capitalization ready to go in predictive text. I wonder if it does that with all Apple products- iPod, MacBook, iPhone. Check, check, check.

Anyway. I think I left my working out motivation somewhere in Georgia. She’s probably eating at Zaxby’s right now since I didn’t get to eat there on my visit last month. No, I’m not still sad about it. Not at all.

I ate somewhat well today. Opted for a semi healthy choice at Applebees during lunch eith my grandma. Measured my dinner. A cup of pasta is seriously a lot. I didn’t realize it. My mom brought home fresh donuts from somewhere in Pittsburgh and I only had one. I think I had a piece of swiss cheese for breakfast. Ha.

I can’t seem to get off my ass and workout, though. I don’t know what the deal is. It’s so cold outside and I don’t want to go on the trail. Plus, I noticed the other day that some idiot has a tree stand set up about ten yards from where I normally walk. Someone is probably going to get shot once hunting season starts.

I at least looked through my DVDs. (thanks for capitalizing DVDs but not the word i, iPad.) That’s a start, right? I opted for a hooray-for-day-off nap instead. Maybe i ‘ll figure out how to do one of the DVDs in my room later. Eh.

I’ve been so apathetic since the accident. I wish I could shake this.

I’m watching Football Wives. They’re sitting in this wife’s AMAZING house while she whines that they’re broke. I’m so annoyed with these people.

End tangent.

How do you beat apathy when it comes to losing weight? I could use all the help i can get.

9 thoughts on “Where’d my motivation go? Day 3.

  1. I’ve struggled with this myself. I’m in like week 3 of my latest attempt back on the wagon. I should be celebrating the 10 lbs I lost last month. Instead I had chicken nuggets for lunch. okay, a happy meal, but still, I need to eat a lot of veggies between now and dinner.

    My best advice? Do it anyway. I know, easy for me to say, and you don’t know me. I haven’t walked enough this week, but I made my butt walk to the library and back the other day. Rainy weather doesn’t help my motivation. Tell you what, I’ll do some exercise this evening if you do πŸ™‚

      1. okay, I’m gonna go knock out some pushups then πŸ™‚ Right now. Also I had a pile of veggies with dinner, and I can totally count a small french fry as a veggie serving, right?

      2. Nice! I don’t know why it’s not letting me comment to your comment but whatev.

        I just did about 10 minutes of Bob Harper’s new Yoga dvd, which is twice as long as I did it last time. It’s seriously intense. He shouldn’t be allowed to make dvds that aren’t suitable for fatties.

      3. I busted out like 10 pushups, which is all I really can do. And I’m a biggest loser fan, but I think I’d be afraid to try anything with Bob or Jillians name on it. lol.

  2. just remember those jeans you were trying on… i need to do the same thing.. remember my size 20s that i have my ass in right now… but i know how you feel. i’m literally going through the same damn thing. i know i can lose more, but i’m happy where i’m at now.. but i gotta start at it again. πŸ™‚ you’ll get there. sometimes it just takes a minute to get back on the horse!

  3. You first have to figure out why you should lose weight. To combat a health issue, to feel better to look better at an event. Then you have to set small measurable goals. Not I need to lose 50 lbs. But I want to lose 5 lbs this month. Then establish a non-food reward for when you reach these goals. Things like a new dress or pair of shoes.

    You also need to surround yourself with people who will support you. I recently lost 40 llbs and 15 inches. I had bad days and lack of motivation but I kept focused on my goal and my reason for wanting to lose weight.

    I became a Beachbody Coach so I can help others reach there goals. I provide motivation, fitness and nutrition tips and would love to work with anyone. You can email me at howtoloseit@gmail.com or find me on Twitter and Facebook.


  4. It’s always possible that your brain was jarred enough in the accident to produce biologically based after-effects on your mood. I hope it gets better.

  5. It’s not about motivation. Being overweight is an addiction and the worst way (not your fault, it’s what most people advise) to get over an addiction is to use sheer willpower.

    That’s why you think you need motivation, to give you the strength. But you don’t.

    Listen to your body and the clues it gives you. Eat only when you are hungry. Stop when your hunger disappears.

    When you feel “full”, you should stop eating immediately. You are past the point where your hunger already disappeared. If you still want to eat more, that is compulsion and not real hunger, ignore it.

    Hope this helps, I have more tips via my Twitter, http://twitter.com/dailyfatlosstip

    You can ask me any questions direct. Having lost 55 lbs myself, I like to help others too.

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