I almost forgot you, Day 4.

Today wasn’t bad.

I wouldn't mind doing this to my elevator.

I had a good breakfast, an okay lunch, and a bad dinner. I still only ate until I was satisfied and didn’t go too far over my calories on Sparkpeople. And I stayed in range for fat, carbs, and protein. I really like Sparkpeople. Have I mentioned that? Because I do.

I did make myself work out last night, by the way. I did 1 mile of Walk at Home and about 10 minutes of Bob Harper’s r-i-d-i-c yoga video (not the Biggest Loser one. Bob’s Inside-Out Method one.)

I took the steps today. A lot. Normally, I take the elevator anytime I have to go upstairs because it’s three feet from my office. The stairs are on the opposite side of the building. By the time I go to the stairs, go upstairs, come down the stairs, and get back to my office I generally have a line of customers. It’s just quicker to take the elevator. However..

I almost got stuck in the elevator today. It always stops about an inch below where it’s supposed to be at either floor, anyway. You’d think I’d know not to go on it. I’m scared of elevators as it is and this one has always creeped me out to begin with. Today, I went upstairs to get my cash box and the freaking door wouldn’t open. I almost had a panic attack. That was that for using the elevator.

So, here I am. It’s 9:20 on a Thursday night and I’m already in bed. I’m an old lady. An old lady who has to work 11 hours tomorrow. And 9 hours Saturday with no break. Did you know that Pennsylvania employers don’t have to give you a break over 18? Doesn’t matter if you’re working 8 hours or 18 hours. They’re not legally required to give you a break. That’s bullshit.

My mom’s taking me out to eat again tomorrow. I really need to stop eating fried things. They upset my tummy and I don’t want to ever have to use the bathroom at a JoAnn Fabrics again. Why do craft stores always have the absolute worst bathrooms? Seriously.

I have IBS, by the way. This means I poop a lot. Nearly every food I eat makes my stomach upset. Fried foods, dairy products, leafy greens. You name it. You wanted to know that. Anyway, I once thought about making a blog  that just reviewed public bathrooms. I’ve seen the worst and I’ve seen the best. In case you were wondering, Olive Garden generally has the best. I like any bathrooms with floor to ceiling doors. The ones at the outlet shopping center near my house has really awesome ones, too. I could poop there all day.

My goal for this weekend is to focus on the positive and to make good choices. I’m going to really hate my life tomorrow and Saturday because of work, but, hey. At least I have a job, amiright? Annnd I even have insurance in a week or two. I’ve been so paranoid about getting sick without insurance. I’m excited to have it again. I’ve had this crippling pain in the side of my foot for months but couldn’t ever get it looked at. Maybe now I can get it figured out.

Also: Snow on Saturday. fml.


7 thoughts on “I almost forgot you, Day 4.

  1. You might want to look into meds for the IBS once you have insurance, too. Imodium is a decent med and it’s non-prescription, but there are some prescription meds that also help IBS.

    1. I should buy stock in Immodium. I’ve been living on it since the 8th grade. Every time I moved out of a room in college, I’d find boxes and boxes of it that I didn’t know I had. haha.

  2. That is bullshit about the breaks. Here in TX we have to have a 30 min lunch if we work more then 6 hours and a 15 minute break if it’s less then that.

    I like Sparkpeople allright, but I’m lazy and Weight Watchers is what I’m used to, so, that’s what I do.

    Great job on blogging every day so far 🙂

    1. I’m moving to Texas. PA really sucks when it comes to workers rights. We’re also an at-will state, meaning employers can fire you for whatever reason they feel like and there’s nothing you can do about it. Yet, no one fires the other cashier who has been there for years and still messes everything up and refuses to answer phones. I don’t get it.

      I like Sparkpeople over WW just because they have a lot more food in their tracker system. I could barely ever find the stuff I ate in eTools, but it’s rare that I don’t find something on SP.

      And thanks. 🙂

      1. I’ve done WW enough that I’m pretty good at figuring out the closest thing, though if I absolutely can’t find it there, yeah I’ll use Sparkpeople or Livestrong to find the numbers.

        Besides, my WW philosophy is if i go over a point or two it’s okay as long as I was eating healthy stuff. That’s what the bonus points are for 🙂

  3. Hi! I just found your blog and wanted to say that I love your sense of humor. You totally remind me of my sister! Good luck with the weight loss!

    And I have to say that I agree with you about the bathrooms at Olive Garden. They are pretty lovely as far as bathrooms go.

  4. We have got to talk. I had IBS (opposite plumbing problem) for years. I changed my diet and the problem is solved. Check out my blog http://www.workoutnirvana.com. I talk about clean eating. My current post is about how this changed my life.

    Btw – I have elevator dreams! Usually, I can’t find the right floor. Or it’s a freaky huge elevator. If I have an elevator dream, I know I’m stressed :).


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