Celery is not a food. Day 8.

I f'ing hate celery.

First order of business: My pants don’t fit and not in the good way! 😦 Those pants I bought in a size smaller than normal a few weeks ago are getting tight. Time to step it up.

I’m positively exhausted and didn’t get down and yoga-dirty when I got home like I had planned today. However, I did make a point to do squats and wall push ups any time I went to the bathroom, which is a lot because I drink 90 gallons of water an hour. I’m not even exaggerating. That’s something, right? My legs are seriously sore. Also, I’ve found it helpful not to watch myself in the mirror while doing these things. I’m a bit of a narcissist but it’s really awkward. I also parked billions of miles away when I went to Subway and to Payless. That counts, too, right?

Thankfully(!), I won Katy’s 30 Day Shred Giveaway! I broke my dvd into bits awhile ago because I was mad and frustrated with it. Yep, I’m real mature. Anyway, she sent out the dvd (and some surprise goodies that I’m SUPER excited about) today and I’ll hopefully get it by the weekend. I’m going to incorporate doing that daily into my daily blogs here. I may also be doing an update after the 30 days on her blog, as well. This may involve before and after pictures that I am in no way excited about taking (the before pictures, at least.) I’m not making promises, except one to actually to do the 30 days.

I am the queen of chapped lips. Seriously. I’m ready to cut them off.

Anyway, back to my food. I ate eight different vegetables. Seriously. I don’t think I’ve eaten that many in a week let alone in one day. None of these vegetables were celery. As my illustration shows, I f’ing hate celery. I don’t understand people who actually like it. I think they had developmental issues in their oral stage that they consider something so ridiculous as a food product. Celery cravings should be considered to be pica.

True story: My mother and I both love greek yogurt. We’re both addicted to it. She, however, is gross and disgusting and I can’t believe I’m related to her when it comes to how she eats it. Personally, I like a little bit of granola or a tablespoon of whatever kind of preserves I have on hand. She, the nastypants, likes celery in hers. CELERY. Wtf is that? This is reminding me that I need to buy some more Chobani and hide it from her and her sick celery eating. I’m getting chills thinking about celery and yogurt. Ugh.

I need either another job or a new job. I can’t afford to live on $8.25/hr with a massive car payment and student loans coming out my ass. If anyone knows of any jobs I’d be good for that are either near Pittsburgh or would pay for me to relocate, I’m your pickle.

See you in 24 hours or so. (See that Weight Watchers scale in less than 48. Ughh.)

7 thoughts on “Celery is not a food. Day 8.

  1. Grats on winning the prize. The only time I eat celery is with that cheese spread stuff on Thanksgiving cause that’s how my mom did it.

  2. I have a love/hate relationship with the 30 Day Shred. I have never broke the DVD yet, in fear that Jillian would find out and hunt me down. (Although she hasn’t found out I haven’t used it in a few weeks..) Celery must be covered for me to thoroughly enjoy it, some peanut butter, cheese, or hummus please! I’m amazed at your 8 vegetables…damn.

  3. I am a celery lover. I can eat it plain or with any of the above mentioned. however I have never tried it with yogurt, and do not think I will.
    I have a very similar aversion to canteloupe and whenever my roommate has canteloupe in the fridge it spoils everything else in there. I can’t even open the fridge without gagging.
    Congrats on the 30 day shred. I love/hate Jillian as well, but have not been doing the shred lately. Maybe I will silently do the 30 days along with you.
    Good luck at weigh in and no matter what the scale says… stay focused!

  4. I’ve never eaten Celery in my life while I was growing up in the Philippines. But when I got here in Florida my husband buys chicken wings with celery on it. I dont really like the taste of it at first… but its good to chew them when my mouth felt like its on fire eating the hot wings. That was the start. Now I can eat celery often. I intentionally buys them and have them in my fridge because Celery is good for those that has high blood pressure, and contents Vit A, C and Iron. Practice will make you learn to like it. For me there are tons of food I have not eaten in my life that I learn to ear here in Florida. The brain can learn to like it if you try them…

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