Aren’t you sick of me yet? Day 9.

I’m sick of myself, honestly. I thought I could talk about myself a lot, but I’m wrong.

I’m exhausted and I still have to make dough for cinnamon rolls. Ugh. I do, however, have my very first “if I like what you bake me, I’ll pay you to make more” opportunity, so I have to. haha. Granted, it’s for a family member, but still.

Today was SO good, food-wise. I was so happy. Then, my sister demanded I take her to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. Fail.

I even went to McDonalds and ate well. There was this little girl there, though. She was positively the most obnoxious creature I’ve ever come across (outside of the Tea Party) and her parents just flat out ignored her. Every time she got excited, which was often, she would squeal. She would squeal and my uterus would shiver. I don’t want kids.

I got as much extra walking in as possible today. That’s good, right?

I have my first weigh-in since I don’t know when tomorrow. I’m actually kind of nervous about it. I don’t know if they’re going to make me re-sign up or what’s going to go on since it’s been a few weeks. I don’t know how much extra they’re going to charge me (I think it’s like $2 per week missed or something). I’m hoping I can tell them about the accident and about how my transportation has been sporadic and maybe they’ll have mercy.

I’ve realized I can’t afford to have this car and put gas in it at the same time. I’m still looking for a better paying job. I applied to be

a receptionist at the nursing home I used to work at. Totally putting my degree to use, right? They paid really, really well six years ago (omg) so I’m hoping they still do now. And that they call me. Because this place I’m at now is killing my soul. Have I mentioned that I don’t like my job?

The end. Sorry to make such dumb posts. I’m determined to do this whole month, but I seriously have no idea what to talk about anymore. I’m always open to suggestions. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Aren’t you sick of me yet? Day 9.

  1. Well if you keep posting I can keep commenting :). Assuming you want me to do so. And you can talk about whatever, I don’t mind.

  2. I’ve had plenty of these days (having nothing to say)… including today 😉 It always seems to work out though once I start typing. I can’t wait to start hearing about the 30 Day Shred! You’ll have to let me know when you get it!

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