Weigh In Extravaganzaaaa – Day 10

I finally went back to Weight Watchers. If you follow me on the Twitter, you already know what I did. If you don’t, brace yourselves.

Starting: 303.9
Last week: 289.2
This week: 287.8
Weekly total: -1.4
Overall Total: -16.1

That’s right, math majors. I finally met (and surpassed!) my 5% goal. It only took 22+ weeks. Not even mad.

I still can’t believe that I actually lost something. You all know as well as I do that I have done Jack shit (not the blogger. His wife probably wouldn’t approve) the past two weeks. The only thing I can think of is that I drank SO much water. I’m talking at least a gallon a day. Guess what I’m going to continue doing?

I received my package from Katy today from winning her 30 Day Shred giveaway. I made myself do the video right away and then I cussed at her a lot. Especially during those stupid squat press things. (Sorry, Katy. It’s not personal.) Since I’m blogging every day for a month and I’m doing this video every day for a month, I’ve extended the blog-everyday thing to 40 days (if not longer. We’ll see) so I have a bit of accountability on it.

Anytime I hear (or read) the word “accountability,” I automatically think about guys crying to each other because they masturbated. Seriously. This is what Evangelical church culture does to a brain after too many years.


Today on the shred was rough. Real rough. I got through it, though. I also took my measurements down so I have a good look at what improvements I’m going to make by the end of the 30 days:

Waist – 37.75
Hips – 53.5
Thigh – 30
Calf – 18
Upper arm – 14.5
Forearm – 9
That top roll thing I have – 39

I’ll update my measurements each week of the shred and let you guys know what’s going on. Because you care. I know.

Back to our regularly scheduled program:

If you haven’t read Skinny Emmie’s article “What’s the Alternative?” yet, you should. Especially if you’re struggling with losing weight like I am. I’m learning (the hard way) that this whole thing is a series of choices and I can’t just choose whatever seems easiest or what I want omgrightnow. I have to look at the long run. I think I’m doing much better with this than I was before I was blogging every month. If I didn’t make the choice to eat healthier and exercise more, I’d easily be in the 350s right now, if not way higher. (I started all the weight losing at 348. The 303.9 I use in weigh-ins is my starting WW weight.) I’m doing awesome, even if I’m not doing awesome quickly.

Oh, and. I made my insane-o cinnamon rolls again and only ate one AND I don’t really want anymore. Win. 🙂

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