30 Day Shred + Stomach Flu = Day 11.

Sailing takes me away.

As you can guess, I did the 30 Day Shred while having a stomach virus. I really thought I was going to poop myself. It was really bad. I did it, though. I am the definition of sore but I’m glad I did it. (I thought the squat presses would be the worst thing to do in my condition. Nope. Totally abs. You wanted to know that.)

I have nothing real to talk about today. I think I might have thought of something earlier today. I feel like I did, at least. Alas, I have nothing real to say right now. I’m sure something will come to me.

I ate terribly today, by the way. I figure 30DS will totally cover that. And I was sick so I had to have toast and tea for breakfast followed by ramen for dinner. It’s just how things are. I found out that 30DS burns 400 calories. That’s pretty intense. It takes me a lot of walking to burn that much. Way more than 20 minutes, too. I’m not looking forward to level 2. 8 more days. Aaaah!

I can’t believe I’m awake this late (it’s currently 10:30.) My bedtime has been 8:30/9 at the latest for I don’t know how long. I’m going to die tomorrow. Fridays are my big open-to-close day. Ugh. I have roughly $7 to last me until next Friday, which means no lunch. There is literally nothing to take to eat at my house, so I can’t really pack anything. I’m considering the option of taking cereal and milk. I’d just have to find a way to keep the milk cold. Hum. This sounds like a job for..somebody else.

Somebody has googled “C’mon fatso,” “Cmon fatso blog,” or “C’mon fatso wordpress” every day for the past week. I wonder who it is. Show yourself! No really. I’m curious.
Okay. Bed. I was headed that way when I realized I didn’t blog. This project will be my demise.


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