I support the Happy Meal “ban.” Day 13.

I’m pretty sure the entire world knows now that one California city has decided to ban McDonalds from giving away toys with some Happy Meals. It’s not a total ban on them. I don’t know why people are thinking that. If you didn’t know, McDonalds won’t be able to give toys with meals that involve fries and a pop. People are going crazy over this. What they need to do is calm down because the high-fat-and-sodium diet they’re on will give them a heart attack.

Only in America would people want it to be legal for a company to say, “Hey, kid, here’s a toy for eating that pile of shit!”

No piece of plastic is worth this.

I love that McDonalds makes their healthy option available without extra charge. It’s nearly impossible to eat healthily in this country when you’re single and making very very slightly over minimum wage. I can only assume it’s a million times worse when you’re trying to feed a kid (or many kids), too.

I love that people are trying to say that this is just the first step to communism in our country and that parents should be able to make these decisions without the government and blah blah blah.

1. This isn’t Communist. Stop drinking the Fox News Kool-Aid.

2. Apparently, parents can’t, don’t, and won’t make these decisions on their own so someone needs to step in. As a former fat child, I wish someone would have done this in the 80s.

3. Stfu, teabaggers.

Anyway, my day:

ODB is my new spotter. She gets very worried when I work out.

I love Chipotle. I really do. I love that their food is healthy and local and all around tasty. I don’t, however, like that it’s so damn spicy. It’s always spicy, but never like what I had tonight. Jesus. I’m still trying to get my mouth to stop hurting. I even drank a glass of milk. I can’t begin to describe how much I effing hate milk. Ugh.

I ate terribly today and not because I overate. Saturdays are no-lunch-break days at work. Ridic. I had some oatmeal from Starbucks before I went in at 8 and didn’t eat again until around 6 after I got done with the class I have to take for church. I think SP said I ate like 700 calories today or something (I didn’t finish Chipotle, obvs.)

I still have to Shred. I don’t want to get up right now, honestly. 9-to-5 is on. This is one of my all time favorites. I’m going to have to stay awake to 8 or so when it’s over and do it. I have faith in myself. Sorta.

*update* – My Chipotle dinner did not let me finish the Shred. I’m updating this from the bathroom. I’m dying. I got through it all until mid-cardio in circuit 3. Better than nothing, right? I thought I was going to ruin the world mid-cardio circuit 2 when this all started going down. Someone break out the Chipotlaway.

El fin.


4 thoughts on “I support the Happy Meal “ban.” Day 13.

  1. Hello, So, of your 3 conclusions, I see only 1 reasonably thought-out comment, and 2 irrelevant conservative-bashing comments?

    I agree with you, that in some cases, someone needs to as you say, “step in”.. but do you really think this will impact childhood obesity? Do you really think that you (or I) would NOT be fat if this law existed when we were kids? If we are going to invite the nanny-state to crawl up our butts, then I’d be more in favor of them actually BANNING french fries, and/or taxing them (for kids AND adults).

    Coincidentally, I just blogged about this Happy Meal Toy issue and personal responsibility here:

    Please visit & comment freely. =)

    1. All of my thought-out comments were spent on Facebook. I don’t use this blog for things I rant about, generally.

      If this was put into place nationwide, I think it would have an impact. I do agree with you that taxing would be a much better way to go, but this is a start. Like you mentioned in your blog, a Happy Meal is over half of a toddler’s recommended daily calories. It’s obscene. It doesn’t help that pretty much the only place you can get a full meal for $3 is McDonalds. There has to be a way to have cheaper, healthier alternatives than the crap we give our kids now.

  2. HA HA HA!!! I love you! I have absolutely no opinion about the McDonald’s thing but I love that you’re passionate about it. I wish blogging were around when I was 20-ish. I would’ve kicked some serious azz.

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