I hate Women Food and God. Day 14.

I do. I really, really do. I kept hearing all these wonderful reviews of it from other people who struggle a lot with binge eating/compulsive eating/whatever so I picked it up. I was a little wary of a $16 price tag on such a small book, but I figured that if it came with some major insight that it would be worth it. Wrong-o.

The moral of the story: If you just loved yourself, you’d stop eating like a crazy. Don’t you love yourself? You should love yourself, fatty. Repeat 20x.

My response? Bitch, you don’t know me. Give me back my $16 and learn to use a comma.

A review on Amazon said it best:

While I do not disagree with all of the author’s ideas, I am immediately irritated by her delivery. Instead of, “This is my experience, perhaps you will find something useful in it,” she seems to say, “This is my experience. This is the truth, and if you do not agree then you are in denial.”

Maybe I’d like this woman if she presented these ideas to me in real life. Maybe she’s a nice gal and not as stuck up and OMG I AM RIGHT as she comes off in the book. I don’t know. I just know this book was awful and I wish I would have borrowed it from the library instead of reading it.


My day:

I ate roughly 1000 calories. Under again today, but I’m broke and there’s nothing to eat in this house that isn’t majorly processed. I’m not hungry so I don’t mind. My lunch was basically a big binge, but it wasn’t a binge on anything bad. I tried to eat the leftover shrimp alfredo someone left in the fridge but I couldn’t do it. It just didn’t appeal to me. I never though shrimp alfredo wouldn’t appeal to me. How weird. I tracked every single thing I ate and it was only really a 500 calorie kind of binge. I could stand to have those every once in awhile.

Haven’t done the Shred yet because my stepfather is watching every single possible thing the History Channel could ever show and I have no room in my room. So far, we’ve watched the history of marijuana and secret societies. This is just in the past three hours. I can’t take anymore.

I applied to work at the Apple store today. That would be the best job in the world, I think.

I also made a pumpkin spice cake. It’s delicious and mega healthy (if you don’t put the icing on it. My icing is the most delicious substance on earth, but more than two tablespoons will more than likely put you in a diabetic coma.)

I officially have zero visible signs that I was ever in an accident. Even my epic boob-bruise is gone. I do have some kind of thing on my wrist, still. You just can’t see it unless I say, “Please look at this big lump on my wrist.” Even then, it’s hard to find it. It’s pressing on my muscles or something, though. I still can’t really push down on my middle finger without it hurting. If it’s still there when I get my insurance card, I’ll probably get it checked out. Or not. I might just let it go unless it gets worse. Eh.

By the way, I have a formspring that I’ve never really used. Ask me questions and I’ll answer when I’m bored (probably at work.) Click on the link on the right.

Peace, blogworld.


One thought on “I hate Women Food and God. Day 14.

  1. I’ve had a bingy kind of weekend. I need to get back on track. Mini-binges aren’t terrible either. And that’s a book I’ll have to remember not to buy

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