Ain’t that some shit? Day 15.

It certainly does.

Whoa. I’m halfway through the month! Exciting. Only 15 days left of blogging until I have to make myself believe there’s a strict, rigid goal out there so I do it for another month. I’m a winner.

I just got done with day 5 of the Shred. I didn’t get to do it yesterday because my mother’s husband wouldn’t let go of the one tv we have and I didn’t realize how much room truly was in my room. Whatever. I needed a break and I don’t care.

My mom told me I look thinner since I started doing it. If she says it, it has to be true. I’m excited and nervous for Wednesday’s weigh in. On one hand, I’m sure I’ve lost something. On the other, there’s always the chance I didn’t and I’ll feel like a big ol’ loser (not the weight kind, though.) It’s k. I’m fantastic, either way.

Today was incredibly emotionally draining. Last night I received some news from boy who is my (best) friend and also my kinda-sorta love interest (there’s no real kinda-sorta about it. We had a good thing going.) involving him, alcohol, and another girl. (Ain’t that some shit?) I’m not happy. I don’t think I’ve been this mad at someone in my life.

Y’know what though?

I didn’t emotionally eat.

I worked out.


I ate right within my calories, fat, and protein. The only thing I was under on was carbs and I’m not even mad. Then I did the Shred at full steam (not even following Anita. I’m past Anita.) and I feel much better.

I’ve been realizing everything was coming to an end with us since May when I moved back up here and he stayed there. I was semi-prepared for him telling me that he has TWO other girls. Two. Skinny, pretty ones at that. Whatever. I wasn’t totally ready for last night, especially in the way it went down. Today at work, I deleted all of our stuff on Facebook and put him in a filter. I took him off of my Favorites list in my phone and deleted his texts. It felt amazing. Seriously. As mad as I am at him, I feel great knowing that I don’t have to be thinking “Well, I may have to move back to Georgia” somewhere in the back of my mind. I can do whatever I want without having to worry about him. It’s wonderful.

Oh, and, my dead best friend added me on Facebook today. That wasn’t something I was prepared for, either. So yeah. Emotional day.

And that’s the end of that.

I’m really resisting the urge to weigh/measure myself before Wednesday. It’s taking a lot out of me. Yet again, I have no money until Friday so lunches are going to be aaaaawesome all week. Can’t wait.

Goodnight, WordPress.


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