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Weigh in/30DS Week 1 Results – Day 17

I'm in love with this blog. Mine and the one this picture belongs to.

Starting: 303.9
Last week: 287.8
This week: 287.0
Weekly total: -.8
Overall Total: -16.9


Waist -2.5 inches
Hips  -1.5 inches
Neck -.25 inch
Roll -1 inch
Forearm -1 inch

Now, if my math is correct (which it may not be), I lost 6.25 inches but only lost .8lb. How the hell does that happen? Seriously. I’m annoyed.  I ate a sausage mcmuffin to celebrate my annoyance. It was delicious. (I treat my weigh-in day as eat-whatever-I-want day. I probably shouldn’t, but I honestly don’t care.)

I feel like maybe I need to so some cardio or something on top of the Shred. I don’t know. It doesn’t seem like enough. Maybe it’s time to break out the Zumba afterward. Eh. We’ll see.

My emotions are still a bit out of whack. I think I’m going crazy. I’ve been so damn angry since I woke up today and I have no idea why. (It’s probably because people make plans for me on my day off. I really think that could be it. I HATE when people make plans for me on my day off. I’m playing chauffeur to half my family today. Ugh.) I don’t know. I need a drink.

On the other side of the emotional spectrum, WW is finally giving members a little bit of info about the new program. Apparently, fruits are going to be free. I’m so excited I could pee my pants. I’ve also heard we’re going to get more points, which kind of worries me. I have a hard time eating all of my points as it is, let alone if they’re going to make fruits free (I’ve heard vegetables are going to be, too.) It all kicks off the day after Thanksgiving. I think I’m moving my weigh-in day to then (meaning I’m totally going to weigh in the day after I probably stuff myself, but I don’t care.) just so I can be one of the first to find out.

El fin. I have to go take my grandmother to the doctor now. Yay.

6 thoughts on “Weigh in/30DS Week 1 Results – Day 17

  1. Hang tough on the weight loss. Sometimes you get less than you “deserve” and other times you book a huge loss which you did not really do the work for. In the end it evens out. Keep at it.

    1. I know. A few weeks ago I lost 2.something without doing ANYTHING. It was really strange. I think I gained weight in my calves. I don’t even know how that happens. My pants fit really funny on them now. I have to constantly pull the legs back down. I don’t get it. ha. Thanks for the encouragement. 🙂

  2. Hey, thats a great weigh in. Losing more inches than pounds means that you are putting on muscle and losing fat at the same time. You are definately shredding it! So tht means your doing great. Please, though, don’t drink until your done driving the family around 🙂

  3. We need to chat about what you are eating and when. Along with your water intake and excersie. If you lose more inches then lbs that means your are replacing fat with muscle which is good 🙂

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