Pizza Day – The best day of the week! (Day 18)

Says Michael Jackson of Encino, California.

I’m freezing. I hate winter in the north. Ugh.

We had pizza for dinner. I ate like a crazy and I’m still under my calories. Go figure.

Hopefully I’ll make time to workout after I go to my sister’s work’s bible study thing (yeah, I know. Bible study. Me. Hilarious.)

My mom is talking about buying me a gym membership for Christmas. If she does, it’ll be the one right next to where I work. That would be the best.

My calves are SUPER swollen. I don’t know what the deal is. I’m probably having kidney failure and they’re going to have to be amputated and then I’m going to die on the table anyway. Yes, this is how my mind works. In reality, it’s probably just because I’m PMS-y. They seriously make my pants fit funny. They keep riding up right behind my knee. Annoying.

All I wanted for lunch today was a bag of grapes. They ended up being $3 a pound. Go fuck yourself, grape industry. I’m not playing your games.


The end.


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