I don’t even like writing! Day 19.

I once heard a student try to justify why his paper was so terrible and late with saying, “I dont even like writing!” it was ridiculous. I don’t know why I just thought of that.

My sister loaned out my computer charger without asking me so I’m stuck using my iPad. I seriously hate using this for just abiut everything. It’s nice to listen to Pandora at work but that’s it. Ignore my typos. I’m sleepy and i can’t type on this thing to save my life.

Speaking of work, i had the worst day. 7:30-6. Over a hundred calls screaming at me. Ten threatening me. One person nearly ripping my hand off when i handed her her keys after she got three inches from my face yelling at me. Why? All because the jackass service advisor won’t answer his phone. I hate this guy.

I ate my feelings at Outback. I don’t even feel like tracking right now because I’m so sleepy. I haven’t worked out since Monday. This week’s weigh in is going to suck.

Goodnight, blogworld.

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