30 minutes to go (oh, oh) – Day 20

I almost missed a day! aah!

Today I ate a bowl of soup and a cup of coffee. That was it. All day. Until I went to dinner at some shmancy Italian place with my family. I’m seriously so full I could puke. Totally not $30 worth of full, though. I’m kinda bitter about that.

Workout: Negative. I’m seriously going to have to do Levels 1-3 of Shred tomorrow. That’s my goal. Who wants to take bets on when it gets done?

I finally told my family what happened with the boy. My stepdad said he likes my French bff way better anyway. I told the Frenchie that and he sent me a relationship request on Facebook. I love him to pieces, even if I’m too fat to fit in the hallways of France. I think I’d fit in, anyway. I hate America just as much as they do.

I started a 52-books-in-a-year goal for this year. I think I’ve mentioned it before. I bought my 52nd book. It’s Flannery O’Connor’s “A Good Man is Hard to Find and Other Stories.” Any EC English graduate knows the significance. I also bought GGM’s “One Hundred Years of Solitude” just because it was there and cheap and I love it. I need a new goal for next year. Last year, I went the whole time with no pop. Brutal, right? I’m taking ideas for 2011.

It’s 11:35. I haven’t been up this late in ages. Goodnight, Moon.

(ps. Thank you to the people who keep reading this even though I suck at losing weight and my updates are practically meaningless. I appreciate it.)


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