Oh, celery shit. Day 21.

Srsly. My ideal man is Dan Conner from Roseanne. Preferably one who can cook.

The number one search term for my blog? Celery shit. Twenty-six views of my blog have come from someone searching for celery shit. I don’t even.

Other awesome terms? In no particular order:

i “hate celery”
bArEfOoT “my heels off”
definition of poop
hiding celery in food
oh tumblr loan fresh
barefoot o’hill

Today I’ve had one meal. The majority of my big loud family went to a huge brunch buffet today. It was brutal. Deliciously brutal. We ate at 11 and I’m not hungry at 6. I think I did pretty well, too.

I’m positively terrified to weigh in. I know I’ve said this before and sometimes I end up with an amaaaaaaaaaazing result, but not this week. This is going to suck. I think I’m going to stick it out and weigh in on Saturday or something instead of Wednesday. The new WW plan comes out on Friday. I don’t want to weigh in on Wednesday and then have to wait until next Wednesday to get on the ProPoints train.

I bought ODB a stuffed hedgehog that makes this weird almost-kind-of-coughing noise. She’s been going crazy with it for over an hour now. I seriously love this dog, even if she failed the Doggy IQ Test I found on Google. haha. She really is dumb as a brick and six pounds of stink, but I love her. I feel like a crazy cat lady but with a Maltie (What do you call a Maltese/Yorkie mix? Morkie? Maltie? Yortese? I could probably Google that, too. I’m a big ol’ lazy.)

Speaking of being a big lazy. Guess who still hasn’t worked out? I’m just not feeling it. I think the .8 loss depressed me or something. I can’t make myself do it. Maybe I’ll get some sort of motivation before I go to bed. Doubt it.

My views have gone way down since about the 15th. I wonder why. Whatever.

Bonne nuit, WordPress.


4 thoughts on “Oh, celery shit. Day 21.

  1. wait, you’re supposed to exercise? where did you hear that load of patookie? i think as bloggers, we should be required to do a monthly recap of all the freaky searches than bring people to our site. i’m not sure if it would comfort us or scare us. or both. we’re sick, ya know.

    1. What kills me is that I can’t ever repeat their search. When I find something random that was used to find me, I try to google that term. If I even find my blog, I’m on like page 30. It’s so weird.

      Also, I made chocolate macarons instead of working out. Win.

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