Mucus syrup. Day 22.

I have seriously been out to eat every single day since Thursday. No wonder I never have any money. I don’t know people who go out to eat as much as my family. I had the worst meal and worst service ever tonight, though. So maybe that’ll stop me from eating there again. Maybe. I’m still not over it. The syrup on my french toast was the consistency of what comes out of my nose when I have a bad sinus infection.

Turns out, I have to go to Weight Watchers on Wednesday because I have no way of getting there any day before next week besides then and I absolutely refuse to pay extra for missing a week. I still have no idea why it cost me $30 when I missed two weeks that one time.

I’m trying to convince my sister to do the Shred with me. I haven’t done it in a week now. I need to clean my room first. She won’t do it and I won’t clean. It’s a stand off.

I really like water now. It used to kill me to drink water so much because I was so used to drinking pop. I drank roughly 2 ounces of pop today and burped for over an hour. It was ridiculous and it just made me more thirsty. 12oz of anything carbonated takes away one day’s worth of calcium. Did you know that? Well, you do now. And knowing is half the battle. What a terrible thing to put in your body.

I have no cute picture for today. Sad. You’ll get over it and still be my friend, right?

We literally just found out ODB is in heat. How? My sister was playing with her, looked down, and started screaming. There’s blood everywhere. My sister is too grossed out to stand up and go wash it off and find her a puppy diaper. I’m dying.

I applied to a couple jobs today.  If you’re the praying type, I’d appreciate some.

Still taking ideas for my 2011 year-long goal. Ready, set, go!

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