Weigh In

Shit’s about to get real. Day 24.

Starting: 303.9
Last week: 287.0
This week: 289.6
Weekly total: +2.6
Overall Total: -14.0

I knew it was going to be bad, but I had no idea it would be this bad.  I had my little “Hey, I gained a lot more than I expected and I’m upset, so the logical thing to do is eat a couple sandwiches” binge and now I’m okay.

I went out for dinner every night since Thursday, not to mention eating fast food (I’m counting Panera) every day since then, too. This can’t happen anymore.

Shit’s about to get real.

We’re ~4 weeks away from 2011. Time to start kicking ass.

Starting tonight, Operation 30 Day Shred is back in session. This is including tomorrow, too. And the next day. And the next day. And so on. I will be in the 270s by January.

What I’m asking from you is to comment with your favorite “I’m gonna kick my fat ass’s ass” song or blog post (or both, preferably) and let me know that you’re going to be expecting me to stick to this. I need some new songs on my playlist and reading for when I’m at work. Gracias.

I’m going to go rewatch last night’s Glee because it was the best episode ever. I’m still an emotional wreck. 30 Day Shred at 8. It’s a date, self.


3 thoughts on “Shit’s about to get real. Day 24.

  1. Hey chick…don’t be down, be determined.
    Want some tunes to kick your own ass with…try NIN’s “Getting Smaller”. Gets me going, and ironically the title fits perfectly.
    I have a pretty broad range of taste in music so my workout playlist changes pretty often. That song is a staple though. Good luck girl.
    We are right here with you.

  2. Favorite kick butt songs?

    Princes of the Universe: Queen

    and don’t laugh, but Toxic by Brittany Spears is really fast.

    and “Fuck You” By Cee Lo Green, or “Forget You” if you want the clean version.

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