Thanksgiving damage estimate. Day 25.

I like olives. And having three chins.

I suppose the number one thing on anyone who is on a weight loss program’s mind after Thanksgiving is, “How badly did I do?”  I was nearly anxious about going to dinner today after my “IM NOT GON GIVE UP” post yesterday. (Oh, by the way, I attempted to do 30DS Level 2 yesterday. I was halfway through circuit one when my stepfather came home, plopped himself down in the chair in front of the tv, and started watching what I was doing. I was like..seriously? So I stopped. He wasn’t going to move until I gave him the remote. God, I hope Santa brings me a TV for my room. Or a job where I can afford a gym membership/apartment.)

I just put all of my food into Sparkpeople.

My daily calorie range is 1600-1950. I ate 1912 calories. Win.

My daily fat range is 41-72 grams. I ate 92 grams of fat. Fail.

My daily carb range is 208-301 grams. I ate 250 grams of carbs. Win.

My daily protein range 60-162 grams. I ate 40 grams of protein. Fail.

Overall, I’m very happy. I ate probably half as much as I did last year and ate at least twice as many vegetables. I think it’s a win.

I also walked home and back twice. Granted, my uncle’s house is like half a block away, but I still walked instead of driving like we usually do (I know.)


I just got done doing Day 1 of Level 2 of the 30 Day Shred, for 338 calories. My abs are still burning. I’m thinking about throwing on the 20-minute Zumba video in a few, too, just to round off yesterday’s big ol’ fail.

I am not  looking forward to working tomorrow. We’re supposed to park at the top of this hill that has a Target, Giant Eagle, a bunch of smaller stores, and restaurants. Then we’re supposed to cross the world’s worst intersection and walk down the hill (wet grass or on the road with insane traffic, your choice) to the dealership. I’ve been parking behind the garage lately and they’re not happy with me. First, I don’t know how they expect anyone to find a spot at Target at 7am. Second, I’ve nearly been hit THREE times now and I fell down the hill walking in the wet grass once. I absolutely refuse to park up there. There’s a shuttle driver, but he’s rarely there. And he told me that he takes quite a few workers to MedExpress every winter from falling down the icy/snowy hill. Awesome.

Okay. End work rant. I think I may take a nap or do Zumba. Or snuggle with Bailey, who is always very worried about me when I get on the floor during 30DS. She lays on the couch above me and stares at me the whole time. It’s really cute. She’s the best dog.


3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving damage estimate. Day 25.

  1. Way to go! My only excersie today was walking around Walmart cause they were open it was indoors. Fail, I know. I just know tonight/tomorrow is gonna kick my ass.

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