That’s what she said.

I’m four days away from blogging for a full month. I still don’t know if I’m going longer than a month or not. I’m probably annoying the shit out of everyone on Facebook/Twitter. Oh well.

I absolutely hate Black Friday. I almost got hit by a car six times trying to get to my own car. Not to mention the fact that it was about 30 degrees (much colder with the wind chill) and mega windy. I couldn’t even breathe. Ugh. I need to move back south for awhile. Or west. Preferably west.

I ate within my ranges today. They weren’t good choices, though. I had a big chocolate craving at lunchtime so I bought a cookie at Get Go. Then I went back to my office and looked at the calories. 550. For a cookie. That’s messed up. It was a delicious 550, at least.

Today was the longest day of all time. I seriously did nothing after noon. Nothing. I was going stir crazy. Tomorrow won’t be any better. Ugh. I’m totally taking some knitting for tomorrow. We’re officially out warm days here in the big PA. It’s currently 23 degrees. Can I possibly whine about the cold more?

I have my insurance cards, which officially means I’m a grown up. And it means that I may be able to persuade my doctor to write me a script for a gym membership. haha. I’d kill to have the Student Activity Center (that I rarely used) back in college. Or a reason to walk forever away to the coffee shop. Or a coffee shop within walking distance. Or coffee. Mmm. Starbucks Holiday Blend is my lover.

The end.


One thought on “SO CLOSE. (DAY TWENTY-SIX!)

  1. great way to get people in to read your blog 🙂 was looking under the #weightwatchers tag and found you. if you keep blogging, I will read. Blogging is annoying because if you are not one of the cool kids it feels like there are crickets chirping on your own blog. But if you decide to do it just for you, and you are totally real, the people will come.

    hang in there. 550 for a cookie huh? bet it was damn tasty.

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