Hey, here’s a title. Day 28.

This is exactly what I look like playing Just Dance 2.

Day 28.

I’m sitting around waiting for my stepfather to get over his television addiction so I can play Just Dance 2. I can’t describe how much I love this game, especially because Mika is on it. And that “Shake Senora” song from Beetlejuice. I could do that song all day long. No lie.

I got really excited about the picture for this post, but apparently WordPress doesn’t like to let us have .gifs that, you know, move. Click it to see how awesome it is. Thanks.

Today I found out that Ace of Cakes was canceled. Thanks for ruining Christmas, Food Network. Take away my Geoff but leave the drunken trailer trash that is Sandra Lee. Riiight.

My stepdad is flicking through the channels and stopped on a (primetime) sex scene. I feel uncomfortable. And now he changed it. I bet he saw me typing that sentence. His vision is probably super. He can’t hear anything. I call him Keller. I call my grandmother Helen.

Speaking of. It was my Grandma’s birthday dinner tonight. I saved up all of my caloric-wonder for it. I wasn’t disappointed. I never thought there would be a delicious place to eat in the big town of Hickory, but there sure is. I hope it never ever goes away. Even if it gives me the worst gas ever every. single. time.

I have exactly six dollars (and half of a tank of gas) to last me until Friday morning. I’m trying to plan what I’m making for lunch every day, but I’m not coming up with much. I absolutely hate packing a lunch. I wish things were simple like in elementary school when my mom worked at the bar. Chips, a Slim Jim, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and a Coke. Every day. Childhood obesity is a myth. I don’t even know how it happens.

God, I’m still mad about that picture not working. I’d change it, but I love it way too much.

I’m still trying to figure out what I’m doing for my next year-long project. I did a year (and like three days) with no carbonated beverages last year. I read 52 books this year. I’m thinking about doing a no meat year, but that’s improbable and kind of worrisome considering I gained 40lbs in 40 days last time I tried that. I still have a month. I can do this.


2 thoughts on “Hey, here’s a title. Day 28.

  1. I’m kind of creepy for commenting so quickly…

    but I’m using some of my student loan money to buy a Wii ….
    because of playing Just Dance 2.
    Love. “That’s not my name” was my favorite.

    1. I’m not even mad. haha. And that’s one of my favorites, too. I also really love “Viva Las Vegas” and “Hey Ya.” I think I know every move to “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go,” too. I seriously love this game. It’s ridiculous.

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