Tired. Day 29.

All of the 5-hours-of-sleep nights I’ve had (read: the past month and a half) are catching up with me. I am exhausted in every single way possible.

This will be me on Wednesday and Thursday. I don't know why I moved back up here.

I ate well today. Except the holyshitnasty ginger dressing I had on my salad today. I wanted to kill myself. I ended up just eating the chicken out of it and leaving the greens to themselves. It was bad. Subway for dinner. More veggies than meat and I ended up picking off all the bread because the idiot who made it put the tomatoes directly on the bread instead of lettuce first. Soggy bread might be the only thing worse than wet bacon.

I need to plan a lunch for tomorrow. I’m half considering doing a pack-my-lunch-everyday challenge for 2011. I don’t think it’s very practical, though, especially if I change jobs.

I applied to work part time at Starbucks again. I miss having a pound of Verona at my disposal every week. And I’d kill for a free pound of Christmas blend. Yum.

I also decided that I’m going to get my M.Ed in Elementary Education. I would be the most awesome teacher ever. And that is way more motivation to lose weight because I refuse to be that fat teacher who smells like fish sticks. I’ll probably always have the arm flappies, though. I could knock a kid out with ’em. They’re insane.

Weight Watchers on Wednesday. Still really excited about the new plan. I’m a nerd. I’m excited about the emphasis on whole foods (not the pretentious store.) I’m sick of eating stuff that tastes like shit and is full of chemicals just because they pumped fiber into it and made it lower in points. (For the uninitiated, WW Points work something like this: 50 calories = +1 point. 2g fat = +1 point. 1g fiber = -1 (up to 4 grams). More fiber = lower points.)

I think I’m going to finish watching Law and Order and head to bed. I’m freezing to death. I think I’d be warmer in an igloo.


2 thoughts on “Tired. Day 29.

  1. ((feeling left out that I never had a fish-stick smelling teacher))

    But I do haves me my flying-squirrel arms. SCORE!!

    And? I’ve got my Masters in Teacher. I honestly think it’s a degree that’s marketable no matter wtf you decide to do with your life. Seriously.

    And? I have cold and snow-induced tourettes.

    Finally? You never followed me back on Twitter and I’m thinking about staging a pout protest.

    Thank you. That is all.

    1. I never thought this teacher smelled like fish sticks. My sister did. haha. I just remember being really big and really mean. When my sister was in 2nd grade or so, she came home and was like “OUR SUB SMELLED LIKE FISH STICKS!!!!!!!!!!!” and now we always refer to that teacher like that. I’d feel bad if I didn’t remember how much she hated children and had no business teaching them.

      And I followed you back. I could have sworn I was following you awhile ago. How weird.

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