PointsPlus Day 1 – Blog Day 32.

I hate you, cloud.

Today was my first day on PointsPlus. I’m still a fan of the program, still not a fan of the calculator. My coworker thought it was my birth control. Fail, Weight Watchers. Big fail. Especially if you ever want to appeal to guys. Or people who have any sort of standards for their electronics.

Tomorrow at work is going to suuuuuck. I have to work in the dungeon (no customers, gross garage-y smells from sitting in the garage, no movement at all, tiny tiny TINY freezing cold office) from 8-5 and then in my regular office until 6. I am going to be miserable. I also get to work in the dungeon on Saturday from 8-2. I can’t deal. Seriously. I need a new job. Preferably one with a safe parking lot.

It’s snowy and icy. I get to work at 7:15 in the morning and I’m expected to walk down an icy hill. I know, I bitch about this hill all the time but I’m still not over it. There really should be a law requiring employers to provide safe parking (There’s not. I looked), especially in bad weather conditions. Ugh.

I’m freezing and sleepy and I have no motivation to go clean up my room so I can do whatever dvd I find. I did take a walk on my lunch break (because they had the bright idea to salt our driveway by then. Just not when I get there, of course.) so I think that should count for something.


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