Losing weight vs. being healthy.

I think I’m done focusing on losing weight. I want to be healthy. I think I’ve made extraordinary progress in getting healthy since May, while I haven’t made that great of progress in losing weight. I’ve lost tons and tons of inches. It’s very discouraging to see how I’m shrinking but not seeing the scale move as quickly as my pants size.

So. I’m taking this whole thing in a new direction. I’m not going to do weigh ins. Not regularly, at least. I will, however, do my measurements. This is such a better way of measuring progress. I think this also means I’m done with Weight Watchers. It’s entirely too easy to still eat like crap and not work out and still stay on the program. And I can’t justify going to the meetings and not, you know, losing weight. I’m sick of the sympathy looks from the receptionist and the meeting leader when I protest that I’ve lost six inches this week even though I’ve only lost .2lb. I deserve a bravo sticker for that, damn it.

In other news, I still hate the cold. I’m supposed to be waking up to 3 inches tomorrow. The high will be 24, with a real feel of 3. Fuck. My. Life.

I also ate at Benihana last night without being a pig. My family used to eat there like it was McDonalds when I was a kid. I could put down a whole dinner portion of steak and chicken (with extra fried rice, salad, soup, and a whole banana tempura) and still be hungry. Tonight, I ate about a quarter of my rice, double veggies, half of my steak and half of my chicken. And I didn’t feel like I was depriving myself.  That alone also deserves a bravo sticker. (And I’m going to have an awesome lunch tomorrow at work.)

I’m allergic to ginger, by the way. I don’t know anyone else who is, but I am. It really sucks because my favorite stuff at Benihana is the ginger salad dressing and ginger steak sauce. Add that to having IBS and my digestive system is having a party right now.

So, here’s to the end of OMG I NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT and to the beginning of healthy living.



4 thoughts on “Losing weight vs. being healthy.

  1. Good for you! It pisses me off sometimes at WW that the focus is on losing weight instead of just being healthy. I think (or, I’m hoping, anyway) that with the new plan it will get better. I’m going to give it two months and see how it goes.

    They totally should have given you a Bravo sticker (hell, a whole roll of them!) for losing those inches. Sometimes I feel like taking my own (scratch & sniff, thank you very much) stickers to meetings to give out to folks. I’d totally give one to you.

  2. Your reasons for not doing WW anymore are the reasons why I never really did it to begin with. I am trying to lose weight and my weight loss has stalled a bit, even though I am still being as healthy as I can. I also have given up weighing myself. I actually made my husband hide the scale and I haven’t weighed myself in weeks. Feels pretty good because sometimes I can get so obsessed with what the scale says.

  3. I definitely know what you mean. As WW’ers, we tend to get caught up in the “ZOMG the chocolate has 2 pts, banana has 2, I’m not wasting it on the banana!” insanity.

    Good for you for recognizing that it’s just not for you, and that there are other way to be healthy.

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