Required Reading List

Okay, so it’s not really required. These are just some posts I’ve read today that really liked. I’m far too sleepy to do a real post or do the other thing I was doing. I have three categories of blogs in my Google Reader: Crafty, Health, and Spiritual. Here’s some posts from all three:

A Season for Holy Mischief and Divine Conspiracy – Shane Claiborne

Stop Comparing Yourself To Others – Tyler @ 344 Pounds

Craft Room Photodump – Kaylah @ The Dainty Squid (I’m so jealous of her craftiness)

A whole bunch of DIY projects – Elsie @ A Beautiful Mess (I live vicariously through her.)

50 reasons to have sex (or eat) – Kirstin @ Results-Not-Typical Girl.



3 thoughts on “Required Reading List

  1. read the shane clairburne. Loved it. Want to give my things away, as usual. Also found the book of common prayer that he helped put together. It was an accident, Barnes & Noble in Greenville got rid of the Humor section and put the Christian section in it’s place. Wanted to get Man a copy of Denis Leary’s book, and ended up reading The Book of Common Prayer for about 15 minutes.

    also, the last one made me laugh.

    1. I have a major crush on Shane. I’ve met him a handful of times. I think my perfect man is a mix between him and Aaron Weiss. haha.

      Common Prayer is wonderful! I got a free copy from Zondervan to review. I love it. I’m taking a membership class at a church and we have to do daily bible readings (I feel like I’m in 3rd grade or something.) and I’ve been doing mine from the day’s liturgy instead of the suggested list.

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