I’m still alive.

Who buys this book for kids?

It’s been like five days, hasn’t it? Ah well.

I didn’t do Weight Watchers at all last week. It felt wonderful. I think I’m done for awhile. I’ll just buy a scale for at home if I’m really curious. (Or I’ll figure out how to calibrate my Wii Fit so it works on my thickthick carpeting in the living room. It told me I weighed 165. ha.)

I bought a pair of faux-fur-lined Crocs last night. I think it may be the best purchase I’ve ever made.

Everyone in my house is cranky. I seriously can’t stand it. Maybe one day I’ll have a job where I can afford to move out. This is out of control.

I went to Half-Priced Books today to do some last minute Xmas shopping. I came across an old children’s book called “The Muffin Muncher.” Uhhh..

I thought about buying my stepdad “The Happy Housewife” book for Christmas.. and my mother one about dealing with menopause. haha. I don’t think either of them would appreciate it as much as I would.

I just asked my mom what we were having for dinner. She says, “Pizza and cookies.” I say, “Goodbye, pants that fit me.”

Maybe I’ll start posting things health-related one day. I don’t even know what to talk about anymore.


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