You’re fat because you want to be fat.

She hates my guts for this, but Happy Xmas from Baileykins!

I know, I know. I haven’t talked to you in so long, Blog. I have no right to say such a thing.I love you and that is why I’m telling you this.

Really, I’m just talking to myself.

I’ve been so frustrated lately with people telling me, “Yeah, I want to lose weight but I can’t figure it out.” I want to scream. Seriously. There is no trick to this! It’s as easy peasy as one can possibly lemon squeezy.

Yet, I’m terrible at it. Especially lately. My official post-Xmas weight gain was 5lbs. I’m sure I’ve done worse in past years. There’s nothing to get upset about, though. I ate what I wanted and I didn’t feel guilty one bit. I didn’t get over 300lbs from celebrating holidays (or birthdays). It’s the other 345 or so days of the year that did it.

I just read Tyler’s latest post and it drove home the point that I’m fat because I’m choosing to be. I’m not losing weight because I’ve, for some reason, decided I’d rather eat chicken fingers than wear a <20 sized pants.

It’s been a couple days. I know. I just haven’t had much to say. Who really has a weight-loss blog and wants to post “Man, I totally ate 50lbs of fried chocolate today.” for a week? Not this girl. This girl would, however, really like some fried chocolate. I made it up but it sounds fabulous.

I think I’m going to have to force myself into another blog-every-day thing. It can be part of my list of New Year’s resolutions, right along with writing in cursive and taking elevenses every day. Great idea, Sierra.

Except I’m not going to wait until Saturday. I’m starting tonight. I bet you (those who are subscribed – and those who aren’t should click that cute little button on the top right and subscribe) are super excited for regular updates again.

Ever since I broke up with Weight Watchers, my eating has been out of control because I know no one will know how much I weigh unless I tell them. I don’t have to go stand in line for twenty minutes like cattle going to slaughter for some skinny wench to see how poorly I did.

I’m back at 290, or somewhere around there.

There. Now you know.

I get paid Friday. I’m buying a new scale on Friday. I’ll have a more accurate weight then.

Now I must go to bed. Root canal in the morning. I wonder if alcohol has an adverse effect on Novocaine. I’m gonna need a drink – either before the procedure or after.


2 thoughts on “You’re fat because you want to be fat.

  1. Some people simply can’t, for whatever reason, lose weight. I’m pretty convinced that something in our environment is messing with our metabolisms and with our brain’s ability to tell us when we’re full. If you have the health coverage for it, it might be worth going to a doctor to make sure you don’t have any metabolic disorders explaining why even considerable exercise hasn’t made you lose very much weight.

    1. Some people, but not most people. I’m pretty sure it’s the super-minority of obese people who are obese because they physically cannot lose weight.

      I know why I’m not losing weight. I’m out of control with my eating and I lost motivation to workout once it got cold outside/I had to go to work too early and come home too late to get a walk in. I am planning on going to the doctor soon, though, to see if I can talk him into writing me a prescription for a gym close to my house. (Prescription = very low or no membership fee.)

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