11 in ’11: The New Years Resolution Post

❤ natalie dee.

I spent most of my work day coming up with my 11 resolutions. Here they are.

1. Write in cursive. Okay, I keep saying this as a joke, but I’m getting serious about it. I love cursive writing. It’s becoming a lost art form and I refuse to lose it. I even had one of my fabulous coworkers remind me how to do all of my capital letters in preparation for this. I’m excited.

2. Begin freelancing – for real this time. I’ve been halfheartedly looking into doing freelance writing (articles, product copy, whatever) and ad design stuff since graduation. I’m going to get serious about it this year. If there is any possible way to make a living doing this, I’m going to find it.

3. Uncluttering my life. My room is a disaster. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of mess. I’m actually really nervous in a clean room. Last semester, one of my friends seriously forced me out of my dorm room and gave it a big cleaning. I was too nervous to sleep in it. I had to throw a couple of books in the middle of the floor before I could let myself go to bed. I cleaned it up in the morning, but still. Complete cleanliness scares me. But, at the same time, I’m a mess. This will be a year to organize, even if it’s in a disorganized way. (Shut up. This only has to make sense to me.)

4. Make healthy choices. I had like 40 resolutions but then I realized all but a few fell under this category. More fruit, less grease. More water, no soda. More walking, less napping. I want to do a 5k in the fall. I don’t even care about being thin. I just want to be healthy. And maybe weigh less on December 31st 2011 than I did December 31st 2010.

5. Start my book. I have this brilliant idea for a memoir type thing about getting out of the cult(s) I was a part of. I have this monster of a notepad file about it. I just need to get my thoughts together. I might start a blog series over on my religion-ish blog that I haven’t updated in a long time.

6. Observe a daily tea time. I was originally going to observe elevenses, but I’ve realized how hard that would be at work. Now I’m just going for a daily tea, whether in the morning, a proper elevenses, at lunch, or before bed.

7. Post a blog every day. It just so happens that WordPress is (indirectly) helping me with this by doing a daily blog challenge..thing. Tomorrow’s the official first day. You should join, too.

8. Read 60 books. I had a goal for 2010 to read 52 books. This year I read at least 60. I want to meet this goal again next year.

9. Figure out what to go to Grad School for. I’m wavering between English (to teach), Library Science (to be my favorite librarian all the time – Austina Jordan), or going to seminary for Bible (to be my favorite professor of all time – Dr. Tony Moon.)

10. Get out of debt. Or at least come close to it. I won’t be able to pay off my car or my student loans this year alone, but I can pay off my ridiculous credit card bill. I cut up the cards today. Step one is complete.

11. Find a job I love. This kind of ties in with the freelancing thing. I want to find a job that I love. I know, I know. This is such a first-world issue. Whatever. We are living in a material world and I am a material girl, damn it. I don’t want to loathe waking up every morning because I know I have to go sit in a box and make slightly more than minimum wage while being screamed at by rednecks all day.


I’m done.

Do you have any resolutions or any tips for me on how to achieve some of these?


7 thoughts on “11 in ’11: The New Years Resolution Post

  1. Came by from fitblogger. Love your list. Love your humor:) Hate writing at all, cursive especially, and can hardly read my own scrawl! You are right – it is a lost art. And I think having a job you love would be fabulous!

    1. Aw, thanks. 🙂 My cursive is getting awesome. At work, I have to write my name and date on everything. I’ve been actually writing out “January” to get practice conquering my arch-nemesis since ’92 – Cursive Capital J.

  2. Library Science! I’m a librarian, and I love it. I also attempted to go to seminary, but got lazy and only applied to one (hard-to-get-into) school, and then found out one of my profs didn’t send in my recommendation on time so they didn’t even consider my app… long explanation to say, yay for awesome librarians!

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