The Flash Diet (or my aversion to real plates)

Yesterday's lunch: Panera Chicken Caesar Salad, Iced Green Tea. And carbs.

Hey, look. I didn’t have a heart attack at 25. I’m totally not dead. Just busy.

I picked up (well, downloaded. Thanks, 21st century) Timothy Ferriss’ 4 Hour Body book yesterday. I read the sample beginning chapter and thought it sounded interesting, so I used my B&N giftcard from Christmas to buy it on my iPad. I wish I wouldn’t have, honestly. But that’s another story. I’ll probably write an in-depth review of it at some point.

One thing I did take from it, though, was the idea of The Flash Diet. He really just mentions it in passing in regards to tracking your food. I hate tracking my food. I really do. It’s so tedious and I can’t see myself doing it forever (which is also one of my complaints about Ferriss’ methods.) The Flash Diet, though, isn’t really a diet. It’s just a different way of tracking your food.

Basics? Take a picture of your meals. The end. I set up a new Flickr account (hey, dirt-ay. Click me.) and started taking pictures of each of my meals, snacks, and even coffee breaks. For as much as it cost, my camera phone sucks. Oh well. Carrying around my monster of a Canon is entirely unpractical.

What have I learned in two and a half days of doing this?


I don’t like to use metal silverware (I think I only did for two meals – one was in a restaurant) and I hate “real” plates.

True story.

I can’t eat off of metal forks when I’m at home. I’ve been like this since college. The taste of metal makes me want to gag. Not to mention the accidental scrape of a fork off of a plate is probably the worst sound ever made (next to a metal fork scraping teeth oh my god)

I’ve also learned that I rarely eat everything put on my plate. Minus my awesome blueberry scone, I don’t think I finished any of the actual meals (not snacks/coffee) I took pictures of.

This morning, I made sausage, toast, and eggs for breakfast. Why I did this, I have no idea. I’m currently home from work because I’ve been throwing up all morning. I only managed to eat a quarter of it before getting sick again.

It also makes me way more conscious of what I’m putting on my plate because I know that I have to put it out in the public. It’s one thing to write down “I had eggs, toast, and bacon” and it’s another to see the monstrous pile of gross I actually made.

So. Yeah. I’m a fan of The Flash Diet. If you normally write down all of your food, try taking a picture instead for a few days.

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