This is why I’m fat.

Oh no? OH YEAH.

I made a plan today. I made a plan to work out every single day, with specifics down in ink in my handy dandy Dubs 3-month planner. This week, I’m going to alternate the Roller Derby Workout and Zumba.

I came home and completely pigged out on tacos. I fucking love tacos. They’re my favorite food on the planet. I only ate 5 points all day long so I could just eat the tacos until I was content.

What fat person eats until they’re content? Seriously.

So, here I am. Completely stuffed and ready to puke but way happy I had tacos.

I tried RDW. Wayyy too hard on a full stomach.

I put in Zumba Express instead.

The dvd player broke.


So I guess I’ll just sit here and watch OWN until Jeopardy comes on. Maybe by the time Wheel of Fortune comes on (I hate that show so much), I’ll be unstuffed and able to workout.

I’m thinking of taking tacos for lunch tomorrow. It’s bad, my taco addiction. I think it’s the only food I could eat every day and never get sick of.

One thought on “This is why I’m fat.

  1. mmm, i’ve been craving tacos lately. i ❤ tacos, too.

    i'm not familiar with the roller derby workout. i should look that up.

    & yuck on getting all stuffed to discomfort. i did that the other night with some spaghetti.

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