These are my confessions – Weigh In.

Way better than the crap the government is forcing on me.

Forgive me, dear blog, for I have sinned. It has been a month and some-odd days since my last Weight Watchers meeting.

Okay, so. I really haven’t been to confession since I was in 8th grade. There’s probably more to that beginning part. Have mercy.

I went to my first WW meeting since mid-December today. I didn’t hate it at all. And I didn’t gain as much as I thought. Since I’ve started a new Dubs program, I’m starting a new weigh in thinger.

Current weight? 293.8

Stay tuned next week for.. something.

Oh. Yeah. These are my confessions:

I litter. I say I’m an environmentalist but I’m also a secretive eater and throw out the evidence before I get home.

I don’t track all of my points. That’s probably also why I’m fat.

I generally don’t like fat people. I’m sorry. I don’t. I’ve grown up around fat people. I am a fat people. I don’t like fat people. Maybe I just don’t like the ones on tv. The ones that whine about how big they are and do absolutely nothing about it unless they have some skinny bitch screaming in their faces. (Hey, Biggest Loser. I’ll be seeing you shortly.)

I have a McNugget addiction. Seriously. I get a 10 piece even if I’m also getting a huge meal. From anywhere. I’ve been known to take my Nugs into Panera and eat them with my coffee. It’s terrible.

I like the confessions. Maybe I’ll do this more often.

El fin.


4 thoughts on “These are my confessions – Weigh In.

  1. Sometimes other fat ppl annoy me, too, but it’s a self-hate thing when they are doing something I see myself as doing & it disgusts me.

    & oh yeah, & the secret eating. But I don’t litter (usually. I think.).

    1. My sister gets a twitch if she doesn’t have something to throw out on a particular stretch of road before we get home. From the looks of things, 95% of the town has the same idea. It’s sad, really.

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