The Wendie Plan and The Best News Ever.

I got a phone call yesterday that changes everything.

Chances are, if you’re reading this, we’re probably friends on Facebook or follow each other on Twitter (and if not, we totally should be.) so you already know the news.

If you don’t..

I got a new job. I’m now a caption writer. Possibly for your favorite television show. (At least for my favorites. Modern Family and OWN. Yes.)

Not now exactly. My last day of my current soul-sucking job is the 21st. Unless I quit before then. If I have one more day like today, I’m walking. It was out of control. I have never been talked to the way my coworkers (let alone the customers!) talked to me today. Not since I got out of junior high, at least.

I’ve done excellently on my points. Until today, at least. Stress eating at lunch = 20 points. Big birthday bash for a cousin = probably 30-40 points.

Wasn’t there an unofficial WW Plan a long time ago (when there was still a Core program) where you could use weekly points instead of daily points?

I think that’s the Wendie Plan. Yep. Totally is. I just Googled that shiz.

Anyway. I think I need to do that. Just for today and tomorrow. I should have roughly 19 points left for tomorrow. Not even a week on the plan and I’m already tweaking and not doing what I should. Typical. ha.



5 thoughts on “The Wendie Plan and The Best News Ever.

  1. that’s awesome! i haven’t been on twitter the last couple of days, i’ve been watching lost & trying to get ready for a craft fair this weekend, so i hadn’t seen this. congrats!

  2. Holy crap!! That’s awesome news. Congratulations! I’ve never done WW, but I’ve heard good things about the Wendie plan. I used to be on the Calorie Cycling team on SparkPeople, and it was sort of similar with the different calorie ranges from day to day. The idea was to pair up higher calorie days with higher activity days, and it worked surprisingly well. But I don’t like doing all that math, lol.

  3. The Wendie Plan is awesome! It’s worked for me. It changed a bit since the old Flex days mentioned on the old Wendie Plan website. Here’s a new website that helps you calculate your daily points for the Wendie Plan with the new Points Plus program. Good luck!

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