First Weight Watchers Weigh In.

I admitted to my entire class (group? gaggle?) that I wrote a very mean break up letter to Dubs. My leader (who reminds me of Carol Burnett) was amused. I got a Bravo sticker for it.

Okay, well, not for the mean break up letter. Partially for coming back. Mostly for this:

Starting: 293.8
Current: 289.4
Total: -4.4

This is even with going over 15 of my weekly points (going over points EVERY day), including 7 activity points. Crazy, isn’t it?

I think we’re officially back in a relationship, Dubs. Just don’t piss me off this time.

3 thoughts on “First Weight Watchers Weigh In.

  1. gj! btw, clicked through & read the break-up letter & comments. totally had to share you comment about intuitive eating on my fb because it cracked me up^_^ mmm, stromboli! so hitting the italian place next time i meet my friend for lunch.

    1. I could eat stromboli for every single meal. When I was like 10, I used to order the large ones (which were by far bigger than my head) at least twice a week. I still have no idea who was giving me money. haha.

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