I have Bieber Fever.

I do. And I have a real one. Balls.

I was supposed to go see Never Say Never to see my Chicken McBieber. Didn’t get there. Spent the two hours I was at work with major neck pains and throwing up. I’m home and out of breath and fevery. Still with the neck pain. Everyone I know who has kids has sick kids with the same thing going on. I’ve never heard of such. Neck pain, then throwing up, then flu. Then apparently incoherent writing because I have no idea what I’m saying or if it makes any sense.

I bought two new dresses for my new job. Am I not the cutest? I think I am. Little does anyone know that I was sweating my ass off from sickness when I took the picture.

oh, you know. just hanging out with bedhead and cranberries on my neck.

Then I came home. And napped. A lot. And woke up and sat around with cold things on my neck and had coffee, hoping the caffiene would make me feel better. No luck.

I’ve yet to touch my weekly points for this week. I’m proud of myself. I’ve also been taking extra long walks to get places. I feel like that annoying kid from Family Circus that walks around everywhere and leaves black dashes wherever he goes.

Plans for the weekend? If I’m not dead by morning: Tomorrow is the usual TV show marathon (this week is Jersey Shore) and Chipotle with one of my cousins. Sunday is the Science Center. I’m beyond excited for the Science Center. I’m demanding my corpse to be pushed around in a wheelchair there if I die before then. I don’t think I’ll die though. Hopefully I start feeling better soon though because my writing is sorely lacking coherency right now.

3 thoughts on “I have Bieber Fever.

  1. Sorry you’re feeling sick! Neck pain doesn’t tend to go well with throwing up, so I certainly hope that it’s over quickly!
    Bieber Fever though, huh? haha…besides the screaming girls and hair flips, his songs aren’t terrible. I actually can enjoy listening to them every once in awhile. However, I don’t think he’ll be in my top 10 favorite artists (i could be wrong though…)

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