Chub Rub in New Places.

I don’t think there’s even one fat girl who has never experienced chub rub. For those who don’t wear pants in the double digits, chub rub is what happens when your fat rubs together. It’s not a hard concept to explain, really.

Chub rub usually happens (for me, anyway) between my legs, about three inches above the knee when wearing a skirt or dress. It’s painful, annoying, and if bad enough, leads to unbearable itchiness when it heals up.

Yesterday, I went to the Carnegie Science Center with a bunch of strange people. Someone had the brilliant idea for us to take a nice long walk since it wasn’t below zero out for once. Normally, I’d be all for this. I like a nice walk, especially in Pittsburgh, and even more especially with friends. I was peeved at the idea because I was wearing my $3 knock-off Chucks I bought at Maxway when I took my mini-vacation to Georgia last fall.

They were rubbing my toes raw. I hadn’t planned on walking too far (outside of the normal stuff in the Science Center) so I didn’t think they’d be a problem.

I was worried about the wrong thing.

When we finallllly got back to the car and thawed out a bit (it was about 50 degrees with pretty bad wind – not freezing, but still cold!) something felt wrong.

Really wrong.

The back of my knees were on fire.

We went to some fantastic pizza place for a few more hours, then home, where I promptly dropped my drawers and headed over to a mirror to see wtf was going on.

This is my sister. And our new friend. And our dinosaur faces.

There it was.

Chub rub.

On the backs of my knees.

What the hell?

I’ve been fat since at least 1990 and I’ve never had that happen to me before. I don’t even have fat that really touches back there. I can only assume it’s from these awful jeans I bought at Target that kept falling off of my butt all day.

The only thing that has ever come close is when I was in elementary school and wrapped the sheets around myself in the morning so my mother couldn’t rip them off of me and make me get up for school. The end result of that was rope burn around the back of my knees.

That’s exactly what this looked like.

These are going to itch like a crazy when the heal up. Damn.

That’s the end of my story. Weigh in either tonight or Wednesday, since I have family business to attend to (read: huge birthday party at a restaurant I hate but I’ll endure it without bitching because it’s my favorite aunt’s 60th birthday.) I’m a bit nervous considering I ate my weight in pizza and chocolate (and astronaut food) yesterday. But, hey, I racked up almost 20 activity points at the same time. We’ll see what happens.


8 thoughts on “Chub Rub in New Places.

  1. Hi!!
    I just came across your blog this morning, and I think I’ve met my chubbygirl soulmate!! πŸ˜‰ Fabulous post! I too am a victim of chub rub (sigh) and a bad case back in August 2010 still haunts me to this day.

    I’m so glad to have found your blog – keep posting! I’m cheering for you!

    1. Yay for chubbygirl soulmates! haha.

      The worst case I ever had was when I first went to school in Georgia and thought, “Gee, wouldn’t it be a great idea to just wear a skirt since it’s so hot out?”

      I thought my thighs would be bleeding by the time I finally got back to my dorm. It was positively the worst.

  2. I really enjoy reading your blog. You’re so honest.

    I’ve never heard of chub rub on the backs of knees. Sounds like a cyclical problem, if I may say. The chub causes the rub, the rub makes the chub hard to take off. 😦

    Maybe leggings would help?

    1. Thanks. I appreciate it. πŸ™‚

      I’ve never heard of it, either! I like the idea of leggings, but not under pants. I have this horrible mental image of getting sudden explosive diarrhea and not being able to get everything off quick enough. haha.

      I wore spanx, leggings, and jeans one really cold day to work (the AC was still on in the office) and I nearly killed myself getting out of all of them when I finally OMGHADTO go to the bathroom. Five cups of coffee was probably not the best idea when wearing hat.

  3. I just found this blogpost while googling for help with my recent chub rub incident! I had forgotten how bad it can be since I just moved back into the tropics. I had a career fair so I wore a fitted dress and heals to top it off. My thighs are soo badly chafed and the blisters due to the heat (those shoes are usually very comfortable).
    So, tights and leggings are out of the question due to the humidity and heat. Bike shorts seem to be the answer here. Anyone have any suggestions for nice ones?

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