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Ashley Fink is my hero. (Weigh-in)


Hey, I have a Facebook page for the blog now. You should like me.

Anyway. Ashley Fink. She’s my hero. She really is. I just got done watching the new episode of Glee. I think the Lauren/Puck storyline is fantastic. It’s about time that there was a show with a character like her. Yeah, yeah. Huge was a show and she was on it. It wasn’t that good of a show and I found 95% of the fat characters (and 100% of the skinny ones) annoying. Maybe I just like her because she reminds me of me.

(This is a quick edit: I just read this FANTASTIC article about her that solidifies my feeling that we should be best friends.)

And because Mark Salling makes my teeth sweat and I can live vicariously through Ashley.

I wish I could find the link again, but I recently read an interview with her where she said that people don’t fall in love with fat people or skinny people. People fall in love with people. True. Story.)


I had a weigh in today. Here we are:

Starting: 293.8
Last week: 289.4
Current: 290.4
Weekly Total: +1.0
Total: -3.4

Not even mad. Maybe I should start getting mad about it. But I’m not. My aunt’s birthday was last night and I ate my weight in bread (because my meal was horrid.) It happens.

I officially quit (well, stopped going) to work today. The $80 I’d make for three days isn’t worth it. I need a vacation before I start the new one. I refuse to sit around and try to train this new crazy woman who won’t listen to anyone younger than her. Easiest job in the whole world and she hasn’t caught on to ANYTHING. I don’t know how that happens.

End rant.


3 thoughts on “Ashley Fink is my hero. (Weigh-in)

  1. always sucks to gain, but glad you aren’t letting it bother you:~) i know for me getting mad about it wouldn’t do me any good. you’ll have a great WI next week to make up for it though. (at least that’s what i’m telling myself since i gained last week & my WI is tomorrow.)

    i watched glee the first season & loved it, but i haven’t been able to get into since then.

    1. I promised myself that I wasn’t going to keep watching after I got home from college. I’m still addidcted. Even my stepdad (who is a solely weather-and-history-channels guy) is obsessive with it. It cracks me up.

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