I’m fat and I love myself.

I never post pictures of myself. Botched hairdye job! yay!

Shocking, right?

I mean, no person could really love themselves even if they were morbidly obese, could they?

The other day, I was referred to as a “fat swine” and had comments directed towards me being too big for an airplane seat. lol. really? I don’t understand why people think things like that are going to hurt me in any way. I don’t need anyone’s acceptance. Neither do you.

I’ve always been a little uncomfortable with the “fit blog” niche. Especially participating in it. There’s this big stigma that comes with being a fat girl that says you have to really hate the way you look and constantly be striving to look better. Or at least be really funny so that being fat doesn’t matter. Oh, and get used to being the fat friend. Or the “grenade,” as my boyyyyyyy Situation likes to say.

Fuck that.

I am awesome just the way I am.

Yes. I want to get healthy.

Yes, for me, that means that I need to lose weight.

No, I don’t want to lose weight because I’m uncomfortable with how I look.

I need to lose weight because high blood pressure and diabetes are more common in my family than skinny jeans at the Apple store.

I love who I am and I am completely comfortable in my body. I was at 348. I am at 290. I will be wherever I end up.

I recently came across this fantastic blog that says it better than I can:

[Dear] Skinny Girls,

I am not your funny fat friend.

I am not your wingman, I am not your ride to the club and I am not the girl you stand next to when you want to look thin. I am the queen of this rodeo and in fact, every rodeo where I deign to appear, so while I appreciate that popular culture and hour after hour of sitcoms, romcoms and whatever other sort of com you want to watch tells you otherwise: I am not the Skipper doll of your Malibu Dream Life. And P.S., Ken? Isn’t holding out because “he respects you.”

There’s a lot more to it, but, damn. I am the queen of this rodeo. I’m not sorry if that offends you.

Like I said earlier, I am wary of being a “fit blogger” when I am very much a pro-loving-your-body-at-any-sizer.

I know a lot of other people who are on a similar journey read this blog. And I’m hoping I’m not alone in this.  Wear what you want to wear now. Go out where you want to go out now. Do what you want to do now because you’re just as awesome as you’re ever going to be now. Being 100 pounds thinner isn’t going to change who you are. You are missing out on so much by waiting until you’re thinner to do things. Who gives a shit what other people think of you?

Breathe, Sierra.

My escapades in the world of Fat Acceptance blogs yesterday also pointed me to this documentary. It’s about 20 minutes long and well worth it.

End scene.

14 thoughts on “I’m fat and I love myself.

      1. haha. Not even mad. Creep all you want. And thank you. 🙂

        And I totally have a million pairs of jeans with thigh holes. Always happens right when I decide on a new favorite pair, too. Boo.

  1. love it! the dear skinny girls… was awesome, & i totally agree w you about being a fit blogger. i am currently on a journey to learn to love myself & my body just the way i am, while at the same time i’m trying to become healthier. weight loss is a side effect of my journey, but if i get my eating & activity to a healthy level i’m happy with & don’t lose anymore weight, i’m going to love me & be happy anyway.

    & you are totally adorable!

    1. The dear skinny girls thing had me raising my hands like I was in church.

      Well, not really. I don’t even do that at church. ha.

      Her whole blog is amaaazing.
      And thank you 🙂

  2. “Being 100 pounds thinner isn’t going to change who you are. You are missing out on so much by waiting until you’re thinner to do things.”

    Agree so much. Or substitute even 5 pounds. It’s like women are expected to always want to lose more weight even once they are at a healthy size and are made to feel bad if they say they’re happy where they are.

  3. I think you’re not only beautiful (seriously: what a gorgeous face!) but smart with it. A rare combination. No wonder you should feel so good about yourself. Keep being awesome! xx

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