The hardest thing about being fat.

My W.I.D.T.H. on Jack Sh*t's site! I have such a blogcrush on this guy. It's ridiculous.

There are lots and lots of things that suck about being fat. It’s hard to find (and afford) cute clothes. Sometimes I don’t fit in amusement park rides. I break out in a sweat just peeling a banana.

The worst though — the absolute worst — is trying to paint my toenails.

Seriously. This is my number one reason for not wanting to be fat anymore.

I just want to be able to paint my toenails like a normal person and not have to hold my breath and not have them look like I just dipped my toes in paint. I don’t think non-obese people realize how hard it to actually get down there and paint “in the lines” when you have a gut. It also doesn’t help that I really can’t bend my right leg to the side. It’s also why I can’t sit cross-legged. I’d gladly give up being able to sit politically-incorrect-style if I could just paint my damn toenails.

Getting rid of the polish is just as bad. My toes have been a shade of green since Christmas now because I don’t feel like making the effort to take the polish off and put new polish on.

Thanks for all the comments on here, Facebook, Twitter, and for those who’ve texted me regarding my last entry. I’m still trying to get this whole thing under control. I did pretty well today. I even decided on going to Subway for a mega-mega-veggie-loaded sandwich instead of getting that stromboli I’ve been thinking about all day.

My new weight loss goal is to lose one pound. Just one. Then do that about a hundred times, but for now we’re just going to worry about one. I’ll worry about the next hundred as they get here.

Oh, and. I finally finished captioning my very first show at work! How exciting. I really do have the coolest job ever. Too bad my wrist is acting up and trying to kill me. 😦 I hope it’s not from typing. I have my annoying-as-hell brace on right now. Not a fun time at all.


One pound.
Here we go.

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8 thoughts on “The hardest thing about being fat.

  1. I love ur blogs it is hard to paint the piggies with a belly. How about untill we are both skinny u paint mine and I’ll paint yours! My biggest problem is buying clothes that look like old people clothes and even the old wont wear them, but your clothes are always cute so I’ll go shopping with you, I like some Old navy but its cheapy and rips/ruins easy but super expensive.

  2. Sometimes it’s the simple things that shake us into awareness. For you it was the toenails. For me it was not being able to tie my shoes without sitting on the couch or bed.

  3. Part of the reasons I am doing the VSG is that I don’t want to wear a size 4X shirt, and I am at 2-3X right now. Among other reasons. Is a fear of being thin a thing? For me? Hmmmm….

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