One week without fast food.

I love English Major Armadillo.

Well, I did it. I went one week without stopping for any sort of fast food. If you know me, you know how hard this is. I work literally one minute away from a greasy oasis that has Wendys, McDonalds, Long John’s, KFC, Taco Bell, and a couple others. By the time I’m done working, it is just slightly past a normal person’s dinner time and quite convenient to stop and eat at one of the above fine food establishments.

But I haven’t. For a week.

And I probably won’t until April 1st.

I will say, though, I did have a minor slip up yesterday at the mall. My rule has been that I can’t eat anywhere that has a drive-thru attached to the building. I found myself eating Taco Bell at the mall when Every. Other. Food. Place. had an ATM malfunction. Food court isn’t technically fast food, right? I mean, I waited almost ten minutes and I ate at a table, so I’m not counting it.

I’ve also been packing my lunch every day since I started my new job. Today, I took a little ziploc container of oatmeal with brown sugar and cinnamon. Best idea ever. I’ve never had a lunch that kept me full the rest of the day. I did come home and eat a Mancini’s pepperoni roll. And a bowl of noodles. But that’s the extent of my food for the day. Is that bad?

I’m thinking of taking pictures of said lunches to have something to post/talk about on here. I’m having a hard time blogging again. My motivation for, well, everything in life just comes and goes as it pleases. I envy people who have the willpower to do things every day no matter what.

I think the weather might be shaping up to go back out on the trail. However, I’ve had to caption about a million episodes of Forensic Files for work and I’m pretty scared I’m going to get abducted if I go back out there. ha.

While I generally don’t do the whole Lent thing anymore, I think I’m going to make this blog (and my defunct god-blog) a priority.  Not for any spiritual reasons. Just because it’s an easy 40 days to keep track of since everyone I know is doing it. I guess I should probably come up with some topics or something, then, yeah?

I’m getting ready to watch Heavy for maybe the second or third time ever. I still don’t know how I feel about this show.

I believe I’m about ten likes away from getting to be an official page on Facebook. Like me?

3 thoughts on “One week without fast food.

  1. i envy those ppl, too! & i can understand the forensic files thing. when i’m out walking/running & it’s even slightly dusky w no one else around, i constantly think trees are rapists. i was so glad when they took down those kid things in the park.

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