Bring on the anxiety meds. Day 2.

I have (well, I think I have) night blindness. Meaning I can barely see in the dark when I’m driving. Especially if there are people coming at me with their brights on. And especially if it’s snowing.

I had all three of those things happening when I was coming home from bible study/book club. I took my anxiety medication that I haven’t taken in a few months. I didn’t even think about the fact that I just downed two things of coffee at Starbucks (for the record: Tribute Blend is good. Cocoa Cappuccino is the worst.) so… yeah. This is going to be real interesting when it all kicks in.


Last night after I posted my blog, I did Bob Harper’s Inside Out Method Yoga and wanted to die. I’ve never done more than five minutes of it before without feeling like I was going to puke. I managed to do twenty last night. It made my lips tingle. How does that even happen? Still, it was the first workout I’ve had in a long time, so I’m proud of myself for that twenty minutes.

Today, I worked on taking Meredith’s advice and tried to eat six small meals instead of three big ones. I ended up eating three small meals and two medium ones. Does that count? All of these things (minus the Sammie from Quiznos for dinner) were healthy things with less than six ingredients. I think today was a win, overall.

I’ve decided on completing a 5k sometime this year. I’ve walked that distance a few times. I want to jog most of it. At an official event, if possible. I thought our weather was starting to come around and I was excited to get back on my trail, but we’re totally mid-blizzard all of a sudden. Boo. Good news is, though, that if the roads are bad tomorrow, my boss told us to call in. My roads are always bad. This means I may have a snow day tomorrow. Exciting.

Okay. I definitely feel loopy. AND both of my eyes are twitching. That must mean my medication has kicked in. Time for bed.


2 thoughts on “Bring on the anxiety meds. Day 2.

  1. oh no, lips tingling! are you sure it was exercise you did, & not cocaine?? i’ve heard that happens…

    hurray for running! you should join us in the Learn to Run 5K in 100 Days program. i haven’t gotten an official start date yet, so as far as i know brad still has a few slots left.

  2. Oh my. I have night blindness, and if I took anxiety meds +coffee, I would hallucinate and veer off the road. Glad you were home by the time it kicked in. just sayin. Also when you take anti-depressants and drive your eyes dialate and you look drunk, I had to take a sobriety test because of that once. It was lame.

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