Biggest Loser Power Walk Review. Ish. – Day 4.

Yes, please.

I fed into my addiction of buying workout DVDs today and bought the Biggest Loser Power Walk one at Target. I did the first two miles when I got home. Really good for a walking workout. Not as intense as Bob’s Inside Out stuff or any of the other BL videos, but it was still good. And way, way more tolerable than Leslie Sanson. The miles round out to be about 16 minutes each (plus a few minutes of a dance party on the second mile) and go by so much faster than Leslie’s. I tried to like her. I really did. I just feel like it takes hours to get through a mile with her. These ones flew by.

Oh, and. At the end of the miles, they do sprints similar to the stuff on c25k. I was terrified I was going to knock the fan off the ceiling in the kitchen below me. My house is not built for hard movements.

The best part of the workout is mile two. And probably mile four, but I haven’t got there yet.

Why is that, you ask?

Two words:

Sione Fa.

I loved him when he was huge and I love him now. I wish he would do more videos. I wish he would be my best friend. I think I might like him more than I like Bob. I never thought I’d ever say that I like anyone better than Bob, but Bob doesn’t have dance parties at the end of his videos. Who does? Sione does.

Okay. I’m done with the Sione talk.

I think we may be back to non-ridic weather up here. I probably just jinxed us, but oh well. I’m going to start walking in the mornings before work this week. Probably starting Tuesday since it looks like it’ll be just above freezing in the morning on Monday. Gross.

I’m going to be the featured blog on FitBlogger.ca in a few weeks. My little article thing about my blog/myself is due on Wednesday. I have no idea what I’m going to talk about . My goal is to get that done by Monday morning. This is going to be fun.


Note to self: You still have to do a Roller Derby Workout review. Get on it.

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