What happens when you can’t pay for your meal? – Day 6.

I seriously just cried over this comic. I'm dying. It never gets not funny.

Ever wonder what happens when you don’t have money to pay for your meal at a restaurant?

I found out tonight.

I took my sister out for a fantastic Chinese buffet dinner. Why? I was craving my weight in crab rangoon. Don’t hate.

Our bill came to roughly $22. I gave them my (brand new) debit card and they told me it was declined because it was expired. I asked them to run it again since it doesn’t expire until 2/2013.

Declined. Expired.

I say, “Okay, I have $10 in cash. Can you try just putting $11 on the card?”

Declined. Expired.

What. The Fuck. I had no other way of paying for our food.

They called the cops.

Just kidding.

They asked if I wanted to leave and go get money.

I ended up calling home to see if anyone was around and lucked out that my mom’s friend was here. My grandmother gave her some money and she ran it over to me.

Not nearly as dramatic as I would have liked. Nearly had a panic attack over it, though.

I’m going to keep on reading that comic over and over. I have no idea why I think it’s so funny, but I do.

I’m waiting around for everyone to go to bed so I can workout. The usual.


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