Sensitive skin (Day 7 for real)

One week of blogging. Whoa.

No, I'm not naked.

I think I may have the world’s most sensitive skin. The picture to the right was taken this morning after I washed my face.  (I am not naked! I’m wearing a strapless top I was going to wear under my cardigan!) It was red and splotchy to begin with, but it turned like that after using moisturizer that was made for sensitive skin! wtf? I hate it.

My face gets like this when I’m under florescent lights, under natural lights, in a room that may have dust in it, and, well, it’s always like this. How does that happen?

Today has also been the first week since I started working out again. I lost a pound. I think. My scale is ridiculous. I can step on it ten times in a row and it’ll give me ten drastically different weights.

I’m sitting around waiting for everyone to go to bed so I can do my yoga dvd. Maybe one day we’ll step into the 21st century and get more than one tv. Or maybe I’ll step in to being 25 years old and move out. Ha. Right.

Speaking of growing up, I overdrafted my card. That was my issue last night. Yep. Overdraft. Three days after payday. It’s going to be a looooong two days. I have a credit card payment due tonight. There’s going to be a lovely fee on that one. I still don’t understand why it kept coming up that my card was expired. I was seriously worried that something was wrong with it. (Never fear — I had enough money in my savings to take care of the -60. Yep. Overdrawn by 60. Guess who is out of control with their money? This girl! I wish I could get out of control with walking or running or eating oatmeal. Actually, I could get out of control eating oatmeal.)

I ate hard boiled eggs for breakfast the past two days. Both times, I ended up with yolk stuck in my throat and coughing like I have the black lung, Pa. I don’t think I can do it again.

Goodnight, Moon.

6 thoughts on “Sensitive skin (Day 7 for real)

  1. You may be shocked at this, but I’ve been trying to eat healthier as well. As of last week, I was 5lbs away from obesity. I don’t look fat, but clearly, it’s adding up.

    I’ve noticed that it’s hard as crap to eat healthy. It’s usually at least 2 of the following:

    1. Too expensive
    2. Too time consuming to make
    3. Difficult to prepare
    4. Boring
    5. Nasty tasting
    6. Not available at fast food places

    I think people get fat not because they love fattening foods, but because it’s just so much easier than eating healthy. And I’m lazy as hell, so it feels like an uphill battle.

    1. Nope, not shocked at all. That’s great. haha.

      And yes, that is definitely a major problem. There’s a correlation between poverty and obesity. It’s more economical to spend $5 on 5 double cheeseburgers than $20 on the stuff to make them.

  2. I generally HATE government regulation…but I actually think I would approve a tax on fast food. Anything that’s unhealthy, tax the hell out of it, and use those proceeds to subsidize the healthy stuff.

    Unhealthy food shouldn’t be the easiest choice.

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